Feel-Good Stories To Buoy All Our Souls

News Flash: People are very cool, and the world’s getting better.
Feel-Good Stories To Buoy All Our Souls

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Look, we get it. You're deliberately avoiding the news, because the avalanche of truly upsetting events is absolutely exhausting. Thing is, you might also be missing out on some good news. We asked our readers to rectify that by finding us positive, uplifting true stories about how the world is getting better and people are great.

And they didn't let us down, which, we're not gonna lie, did wonders for our faith in humanity too.

In light of the recent bush fire in Port Macquarie, Australia, a quilting community in Netherlands began knitting mittens for koalas that suffered bur
CRACKEDc COM St. Boniface Church in San Francisco has been opening its doors to the homeless for the last 15 years. The church reserves 2/3 of its spa
BeAnie BABIES Founder TY WARneR GAVE A STRAnGER 20 GRAND FOR HER MeDICAL TReATmeNT. OF ABIES Warner was lost in Santa Barbara and pulled into a parkin
Kenyan runner Abel Mutai held a comfortable lead in an international cross country race whenl he mistakenly stopped running 10 meters before the finis
Sia covered the Thanksgiving shopping for oodles of folks in a Walmart in Palm Springs, CA. Telling people her name was Cici and that she had won the
In the middle of the 2019 Southeast Asian Games, a mishap swept Indonesia's surfer away, leaving him at the mercy of vicious waves. The surfer from th
British plumber James Anderson does large-scale free work for the vulnerable. deph SITE SAFETY REQUI IVesupr or. y LR Ce winty DANGEROUNS OUT 01 His n
In Switzerland, it is illegal to only own a single guinea pig. Being social creatures, they get lonely. bei a There are a host of other animal rights
Feel-Good Stories To Buoy All Our Souls
THE US AIR FORCE Has DROPPED GIFT CRaTeS on RemoTe ISLanDs In THE wesTern PaCIFIc every CHRISTmaS sInce 1952. BHAWD Each crate contains daily necessit
CRACKEDCO COM Tech N9ne donates bras thrown on stage during his concerts to women's shelters. JOX The cause is near to his heart. When he was a young
After the fall of the Soviet Union, the newly Independent Lithuania couldn't afford to send their basketball team to the 1992 Summer Olympics. das The
An ICU nurse adopted a patient with autism SO he could get a Fe-saving heart transplant. ICU nurse Lori Woods met Jonathan Pinkard in her hospital. Be
When the only grocery store in Baldwin, Florida closed, the city opened a communally-owned one to get the residents fresh food. FAI PRODUCE: Things we
A kind stranger in Salem known only as 'Benny' has been hiding $100 notes all around stores, markets, and public events for people to discover. DORASE
A carpenter from lowa worked for 67 years and saved $3 million. All of it was used to send 33 strangers to college. Dale Schroeder grew up poor and ne
A teenager went to get her matted hair shaved off for picture day because she was severely depressed and had stopped brushing it. Instead, the hairdre
Richard Sherman, cornerback for the 49ers, and former Seattle Seahawk, recently paid off $20,000 in school lunch debt for Tacoma students. C oe This w
Angkor Wat will no longer exploit elephants. Angkor Wat used to offer elephant rides but, for the elephants' sake, is shutting that down. Ferrying tou
The Pennsylvania Hockey team, The Hershey Bears, held their annual Teddy Bear Toss for fans to donate stuffed animals by tossing them on the ice. TO
Neo-Nazis are about to lose one of their shrines. For decades, they've been making pilgrimages to the house where Hitler was born, especially on his b
A New Hampshire woman started a non-profit collecting holiday cards for United States military troops. In 2017, Laura Landerman-Garber started her non
mua MOF DROUGHT APPEAL SUPPORTING AUSTRALIAN FARMERS In 2019, members of Australia's Muslim community delivered aid to a town badly affected by drough
In December 2018, an 8-year-old girl in Mexico attached her Christmas list to a balloon and released it into the air. A hiker in Arizona came across t
CRACKEDcO A Seattle man is posting motivational and inspirational signs all over his town to offer support to those who need it. DON'T GIVE UP After r
CRACKEDC COM B.B. McGowan beat homelessness and alcoholism, and now he vows to help the homeless. -324-3 He drives around Dallas, Texas on frigid nigh
In 2016, three days before Scott Dunn was supposed to attend his high school graduation, he was involved in a serious accident and sedated for a week.
CRACKED CO Sara Cunningham, an ordained minister, goes to LGBT. weddings as a stand-in mother. geel After her son came out, she realized how hard the
In the winter of 2018, an IKEA in Italy opened their doors to let stray dogs out of the cold and onto their soft, warm rugs. CRACKED.COM
Ricky Mena dresses up as Spider-Man and visits sick children to make them happy. Since launching his nonprofit Heart of a Hero, Ricky has visited over
CRACKEDcO COM Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams-Paisley opened a free grocery store for those in need. The STore If someone gets a referral from spec
A new adoptive dad was gifted A 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan by a car dealer in New York when he adopted five siblings. lml huphpy hprh The new father, La
Two delivery men in Minnesota saw a man about to jump off an overpass. One ofthem called the police, while the other talked to the man, offering him a
CRACKED COM A man in Cameroon uses plastic bottles to build canoes which he gives to poor fishermen.
CRAGKEDao Animal cruelty is now a federal offense in the U.S.
HDLO A stray Russian cat recently became the first cat to get 4 titanium prosthetic limbs. After an exceptionally cold night, poor Ryzhik (Russian for
After hearing sub-zero temperatures were expected.... The women of an Indian village decided to knit giant sweaters to protect elephants from the free
Saudi surgeon Dr. Abdullah al-Rabeeah has separated almost 100 conjoined twins. He charged nothing. Dr. al-Rabeeah and some of his patients With gover
UK Scientist Nikola Curtin E recently helped develop a new treatment for ovarian cancer, and was paid over $1 million in royalties. H2 Eemc Curtin Had
When FSU football player Travis Rudolph was on a school visit with his teammates, he spotted a middle-schooler with autism sitting by himself at lunch
Kristen Bell uses her Instagram account, with its 11 million followers, to share the Amazon wishlists of random teachers. Some posts have seen as many
When Chicago was struck by a polar vortex and reached subzero temperatures, Candace Payne rented 30 hotel rooms with her personal credit card to give
Since 2017, a church in Wisconsin has been hosting Thanksgiving for local members of the LGBTQ community who have been shunned by their families. CRAG
On December 1, 2019, a statue of civil rights activist Rosa Parks was unveiled in Montgomery Alabama as part of a celebration honoring her. Helping un
After seeing a Facebook post about a lost wedding ring on a mountain in New Hampshire, a local hiker took a metal detector up to the summit and found
Mark Hamill visited a terminally ill boy to answer all his Star Wars questions. John Sikorra was battling with juvenile Batten's disease (JNCL). Becau
Drew Scanlon, AKA Blinking White Guy, is using his status as a meme to raise money to fight MS. Cw FUNDRAIS He's participating in Bike MS, a fundraise
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