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Look, we get it. You're deliberately avoiding the news, because the avalanche of truly upsetting events is absolutely exhausting. Thing is, you might also be missing out on some good news. We asked our readers to rectify that by finding us positive, uplifting true stories about how the world is getting better and people are great.

And they didn't let us down, which, we're not gonna lie, did wonders for our faith in humanity too.

Entry by Sami Czanova

In the middle of the 2019 Southeast Asian Games, a mishap swept Indonesia's surfer away, leaving him at the mercy of vicious waves. The surfer from th

Entry by Andrea Meno

Neo-Nazis are about to lose one of their shrines. For decades, they've been making pilgrimages to the house where Hitler was born, especially on his b

Entry by Evan Noyes

In December 2018, an 8-year-old girl in Mexico attached her Christmas list to a balloon and released it into the air. A hiker in Arizona came across t

Entry by Amyan Bridi

Ricky Mena dresses up as Spider-Man and visits sick children to make them happy. Since launching his nonprofit Heart of a Hero, Ricky has visited over

Entry by PollyDarton

UK Scientist Nikola Curtin E recently helped develop a new treatment for ovarian cancer, and was paid over $1 million in royalties. H2 Eemc Curtin Had

Entry by Evan Noyes

When Chicago was struck by a polar vortex and reached subzero temperatures, Candace Payne rented 30 hotel rooms with her personal credit card to give

Entry by PookieJones

After seeing a Facebook post about a lost wedding ring on a mountain in New Hampshire, a local hiker took a metal detector up to the summit and found

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