Communities That Are Laser-Focused On One Thing

Communities That Are Laser-Focused On One Thing

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You might think you live in a niche community, where everyone around you believes the same stuff or dresses the same way. Hold onto your hat. Your hometown is nothing compared to these communities, who have built their entire towns around a single, oddly-specific thing.

SOPSOKHA LOOKS LIKE IT PASSED OUT AND GOT PRANKED. WEL COME 8 8 88 DD It looks like someone vandalized the homes of Sopsokha with vulgar graffiti. But

ONLY WOMEN LIVE IN AL SAMAHA. Al Samaha, population 303, is an Egyptian village inhabited solely by women. It's not a religious thing, but an opportun

SEDA IS A CITY-SIZED MONASTERY. Seda is the world's largest Buddhist institute, and by the looks of it, presumably where Chris Tucker will learn kung

DAFEN IS FOR ART FORGERS. Dafen, China has achieved global acclaim as the world's oil painting village. The world's fake oil painting village. It bega

THE RESIDENTS OF LILY DALE ALREADY KNOW YOU'RE COMING. About 200 people live in Lily Dale, New York, and they're all spiritualists of various discipli

COSMO PARK IS A SUBURB ON ROOFTOPS. IBLIF ThamrinCity The residents of Cosmo Park are living the American dream: They reside on top of a shopping mall

IN DESA KOLOK, SIGN LANGUAGE SPEAKERS ARE THE MAJORITY. In the village of Desa Kolok in Bali, a disproportionate number of its residents are born deaf

YOU'LL FEEL SMALL IN CASEY, ILLINOIS. Casey has more of the world's biggest things than any other place on planet Earth. The city proudly displays the

THE ARIZONA SKY VILLAGE IS FOR HARDCORE STARGAZING. The village is populated by a few dozen scattered across 450 acres of desert, 50 miles from urban

SOLOTHURN TURNS IT UP TO 11. 11 VO 2 8 3 77 This Swiss town loves the number 11. It became the 11th canton of the Swiss Confederation in 1481, and thi

AN ENTIRE EGYPTIAN CITY MAKES CASH FROM TRASH. (70707114 60,000 call Zabbaleen (Arabic for garbage people) home. They spend their days collecting an

TIANDUCHENG IS A MINIATURE PARIS. China's 354-foot Eiffel Tower replica is the second-tallest in the world (after the one at the Paris hotel in Las Ve

TSOVKRA-1 IS FOR TIGHTROPE WALKERS. Literally everyone in the Russian village of Tsovkra-1 walks the tightrope. According to romantic lore, young men

EVERYONE IN BAZOULE HANGS OUT WITH CROCODILES. ATTENTION CROCODILES The residents of Bazoule live, play, and swim alongside a hundred West African cro

SETENIL DE LAS BODEGAS IS A CITY IN A CLIFF. e Still home to nearly 2,000 residents, this Spanish village was built by the Moors as a defense measure

IN NAGORO, JAPAN, DOLLS OUTNUMBER PEOPLE TEN TO ONE. When artist Tsukimi Ayano learned that the population of her hometown had dwindled to 35, she beg

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