38 Eyebrow-Arching Facts About Ordinary Jobs

That workaday job is actually not all that workaday
38 Eyebrow-Arching Facts About Ordinary Jobs

Its easy to think of common jobs as, well, common. Theyre dry and predictable, and utterly devoid of surprises. But were here to challenge that notion, with a collection of weird, counterintuitive facts about ordinary jobs and careers.

Percentage of American workforce employed in farming in: 1840 70% 2017 1.3%
CRACKED COM A whopping SIXTY PERCENT of firefighters are volunteers. Coincidentally, SIXTY-FIVE PERCENT of fire departments are made up entirely out o
YOUR DOCTOR IS PROBABLY EXHAUSTED. Despite laws designed to keep shifts short, studies have found that 87% of interns work past their shift limits, an
Regardless of the location, an ethical hacker typically earns more money than a software engineer. The difference is nearly three times more when they
The profession with the highest reported satisfaction? RESEARCH ASSISTANT Which compensatest for making just $33,600 a year, we guess.
CRACKED.COM es YIT'Y According to a survey, 70% of accountants in the U.S are not interested in changing their career path, and are happy with their
CRACKEDCO COM Tipped workers are nearly twice as likely to live in poverty as untipped workers. This could be because the base pay for tipped workers
CRACKEDCO COM 19% of military personnel actually majored in business.
Many teachers in the U.S. work part-time jobs during the summer or even after school due to their low pay. Despite this, they are often obligated to s
CRACKED COM Facebook moderators, who view content like animal snuff films and child porn, are only allowed 9 minutes of wellness time per day. That'
Women make up less than a measly seven percent of head chefs and restaurant owners in the US. As for the UK, the population of female chefs in the cul
94.4% of speech therapists in the U.S. are female. CRACKED cO COM
In Algeria, 70% of lawyers and 60% of judges are women, as are 60% of university students. CRACKEDOON
Garbage men have one of the deadliest jobs. They have the fifth highest fatal injury rate, at 34.1 per ,00 workers. That's higher than the rate of, sa
Fighting fires is no longer a firefighter's main function. GRANOBERRI Medical emergencies account for about 70% of the calls received by the US fire d
Thirty percent of Tesla employees feel they've been silenced by NDAs. NONDISEMENT AGREEMENT this on into entered addiress The total is twice the tech
CRACKEDo COM If you went to grad school, there's a better chance that you're a gig worker than working a traditional job. CUSTOMER PARKING ONLY While
More than 70% of lawyers in the world live in the US. The city with the highest population of lawyers is Washington, DC; where one in every twenty-two
Farming CRACKEDCO Fishing Forestry Have the highest number of suicide rates which stood at 84.5 per 100,000 in 2016.
CRACKED C COM There is a 6:1 ratio of female to male American Sign Language interpreters. Y The job Has traditionally been viewed as women's work, a
101LI01111011D Sixty- nine percent of surveyed software developers were at least partially self-taught. 1 Less than half reported having an undergrad
Being an EMT is dangerous: Sixtye nine percent of polled EMTS had been attacked on the job. A 551 $587740 911 ARRNCRE The most common attacks were bei
A 2007 study by the Beth Israel Medical Center, New York found that surgeons performed better when they spent three hours a week playing video games,
Mathematicians' job growth will be over 5 times higher than the average occupation's. A- dal Ai LEHI Re ime. us JR RLH AL A ateuue Al bfrey AluAlo9 Th
Mr. Conductor could well have PTSD.A. Almost 50% BRITIS RAILWAYS of railroad operators are involved in accidents (or suicides) that they usually can't
CRACKEDc COM The majority of working personal trainers aren't a bunch of dumb jocks. Sixty-four percent have a bachelor's degree, and over forty perce
FB According to the official FBI website, forensic accountants make up about 15% of their special agent force.
Your doctor's sloppy handwriting is not just a quirky trait. Over 1.5 million Americans are affected annually by preventable medication errors, due to
According to a nationwide I.. study by Career Builder, 58% of managers involved in the study said that they did not receive any management training pr
CRACKEDG COM Construction and extraction workers are the most likely to commit suicide. According to data from 17 states, the rate of suicide is 53.2
An active duty soldier is up to 4 times as likely to die in a routine training exercise than actual combat CRACKED
The most common major for college-educated waiters must be something impractical, like liberal arts, right? Nope. The most common major by far, held
A study by the European Cockpit Association found that around half of pilots in the UK (43%), Denmark (50%), Norway (53%) , and Sweden (54%) admitted
Hairdressers are more likely to develop lung problems than the general public. DUE to high ammonia levels from hair products in salons, hairdressers s
Veterinarian might be the whitest occupation. 91.5% of vets are white. Asian is the second most common ethnicity, at 3.14%.
CRACKEDOON On average, a telemarketer has to spend 7.5 hours making cold calls to get one appointment.
CRACKEDCON In 2013, a survey by TEKsystems found that 28% of people who work in IT don't let their family and friends know, SO that they won't be aske
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