28 Eyebrow-Arching Audience & Fan Facts

Think you’ve got that fanbase figured out? Think again.
28 Eyebrow-Arching Audience & Fan Facts

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The internet is packed with disturbingly enthusiastic fan groups, and because of that you probably figure you know exactly what type of viewer is bingeing any given show. We had a feeling it might not be a good idea to judge an entire audience just based on the loud, crazy fans, so we asked our readers to find us some actual stats.

Not gonna lie, we're big fans of what they found.

Tibetan monks are huge Braveheart fans and watch it all the time. Braveheart is about the Scots asserting their independence from England, and since T
CRACKED COR The older you are, the more likely you are to watch Netflix Originals. Poll data shows that people ages 2-11 watch twenty-two percent orig
The majority of Baywatch fans were female. UARD TN 65% of its fans were women between the ages of 18 and 34. Focus groups revealed that women liked th
Due to its lack of sports, ABC has a higher percentage of female viewers (about 62%) and a lower percentage of male viewers than any other network. ab
Remember Black Hawk Down and the real-life Army Ranger operation it was based on? While stationed in Mogadishu, Somalia, those Rangers absolutely love
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is huge in The Gitmo, uiC ofBelairt It's not clear why, but Guantanamo Bay inmates love watching Fresh Prince. In response
CRAOE The fans who would know say Veep is the most accurate show. CHHA FRANCE UNITED STATES A group of Obama Administration veterans praised Veep for
The Babadook has a massive following among the LGBT community. And it's all thanks to a Tumblr thread arguing that the Babadook is a representation of
CRACKED COM The Golden Girls is a surprise hit with millennials and Generation Z. Merchandising, streaming, and even college courses are introducing t
50% of Americans who annually earn $100,000 or more are country music fans. CRACKED COM
MISSISSIPPI WELCOME TO LIKE COMING Despite being a very conservative state, people in Mississippi spent more time on Pornhub in 2018 than any other st
Queer as Folk, a show primarily about gay men, was surprisingly popular with straight women. They made up half of the general audience. According to S
On American game shows, it is assumed that the audience will always help contestants, but this is not the case in other countries. Ov'est-ce qui givit
The star power of Jeopardy James should not be underestimated. CRACKEDCON During the peak of James Holzhauer's historic run, Jeopardy averaged more
CRACKEDOON 6654A Q NFnd L: Bet Oer Mete R ANNn tt Only about 15% of Facebookers enable the audio when they watch a video in their feed.
Parents play more mobile games than their kids. Market research has found that: Most mobile gamers are parents. Players that are middle-aged make up t
You whippersnappers don't know the first thing abouta a piledriver!' R Since the year2000, the median age of WWE viewers has almost doubled and now
Janet, the Siri-like assistant in The Good Place, is a hit with trans & nonbinary viewers. The Good Place I'm not a girl. Janet is a emme-presenting b
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon received awards and made a massive profit (over $53m) in the US. But it didn't do so well in the east. It was largely s
G LAS NCH SHOP The show SUPERNATURALI has such a big following in Japan that it got adapted into an anime! The showattracted the attention of the famo
According to Porn hub statistics, percentage-wise, Russia is the country which likes Hentai the most. Hentai is the most searched term in the countr
As of June, 2019, Pokemon GO players had spent over $2, ,600,000,000 on the game. PokeMoy, GO Three and a half years after its release. the game still
CRACKEDCO COM In the 1970s, soap opera All My Children was incredibly popular among college students. Reasons varied some loved it because it was rea
Drag queens are becoming increasingly popular with teen girls. Despite drag queens traditionally being seen as a gay thing, many young girls see the
CRaCKED.com The Nintendo Wii sold well to senior citizens and retirement communities. With titles like Wii Sports and Wii Fit, which are easy to pick
NFL and NBA players love Dragon Ballz. The themes of betterment, competition, and rivalry resonate with many pro athletes in the leagues. ONVTIAID Wh
For many years after it came out, everyone in Afghanistan was obsessed with Titanic. Weddings and engagement parties often had giant, Titanic-themed c
CRACKEDCON Mulan flopped at the box office in China. Audiences thought the title character was not a good representation of their culture. They especi
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