19 Life Hacks You'll Want to Know in a Catastrophe


Your survival is important to us. After all, with no readers there is no Cracked. And if there is no Cracked then we have to go back to our previous transient lives where we'd be stuck wearing dirty undies for weeks.

We hate dirty undies. And also we love money. That's why we reached out to one of our most esteemed photo manipulators to hunt down the best tips for keeping you alive, and keeping us in clean drawers.

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If a Blizzard Strands You in Your Car, stay Put Run the engine and heater for 10 minutes each hour, with a downwind window cracked, and periodically c

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You Can Make Fire Out of Ice. Chip a clear piece of ice into a rough sphere, then smooth it by rolling it between your hands (wearing gloves). That sp

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Close All Doors inside and out) During a Tornado. Homes with open doors or windows are much more likely to be destroyed by high winds. CRACKEDCON

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Condoms Keep Things Dry. You can store matches and other items you want to keep dry inside a condom. You can also use a condom as a water carrier, a c

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