25 Savvy Methods For Currying Favor And Influence

Move over, Professor X.
25 Savvy Methods For Currying Favor And Influence

Entire fields of science are dedicated to studying human brains and behavior, so it makes total sense that we'd be able to practically read minds, by now. We can definitely do the next-closest thing, which is predicting people's behavior and reading the subtle cues they give off.

We Force-pushed our plasticians to dig into the science and show us the latest findings that will help us to cold-read and influence other people.

Want someone to like you? Start asking questions. According to a Harvard study, speed daters who ask more ? questions are more likely to get a second
Say my name, say my name! HELLO my name is ? If you say a person's name enough, you'll come off more persuasive than usual. Saying a person's name cat
You can spot a liar by studying their eyes. Watch the person's eyes and pay attention to how often they blink, whether they make eye contact, and even
CRACKED c COM Want a small favor from someone? Give them. a reason. Any reason. Even something like because I need it works. A highly cited study fo
If you need to make sure that somebody believes you, you'd be smart to use natural contractions. 0 did not have sexual relations with that woman, Liar
Be more likable by making small mistakes and pratfalls. People deemed to be more competent are also often considered superior. Making little mistakes
Giving gifts matters, but it's all in how you give them. In one study, when a waiter gave diners two mints at the end of a meal, the waiter's average
Wondering if someone is into you? Listen to their voice. Wuwm Studies have found that both men and women deepen their voice when talking with someon
Want to influence your kids into working harder? Don't praise them for their traits, praise them for their effort. Praising children's traits (such as
Want people to like you more? Be mindful when talking about others. Research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that
Want to ace your presentation? Use comics. No pineapple on pizza! - Studies show that comics are much better than images for conveying ideas. They are
Want to influence your family to eat less? Serve them smaller portions. Even when the same amount of food is offered, studies show that less will be c
CRACKEDCO Want a better chance of getting a match in the world of online dating? Take up more space. A study found that people who used expansive POSe
CRACKEDGO COM Want people to think you're smarter? Use your middle initial. A study in the European Journalof Social Psychology found that individuals
Want people to keep their attention on you while you are talking? Reveal information bit by bit, rather than all at once. This is called prompt talki
If you want to improve your sales pitch, try speaking faster. Studies show that speaking faster increases your credibility and makes it easier to conv
If you're on a first date with a woman, take a look at her feet to see if she feels comfortable around you. A woman using her foot to play with her sh
According to science, beautiful people are easier to read. In a study by the University of British Columbia, first impressions of attractive people we
See if you're connecting with people by checking their posture. A person who leans in is generally engaged with the speaker, while a person who leans
GRACKEDCON If you want people to behave nicely, place a mirror in front of them. No one wants to see themselves as a jerk. Bars and retail counters us
Rising shoulders are a warning sign. If you saw someone's shoulders rise as they talked, making their neck look shorter, take what they said with a gr
Ever wonder why your officemates take time to complete your requests? Don't email them-ask them face-to-face! An experiment found that people were mor
To tell if somebody has been checking you out, yawn. If anyone in your vicinity yawns too, they were most likely looking at you and caught your yawn.
CRACKED COM BLA Getting overwhelmed BLAH BLAHL by somebody who doesn't realize that they talk too much? BLAH You need to totally shut up. BLAH B AP Pe
Facial chirality is when a person shows two different emotions on each side of their face. CO CC CON CU CO NTERKATI NTERNATY INTERNATIONAL COMIC INTER
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