15 Famous Success Stories With Super Dark Endings

The underachievers had it right all along.
15 Famous Success Stories With Super Dark Endings

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People love a success story, and they think the success part is the end of the story. But surprisingly often, there's a big crash afterward that goes unreported. Here are some super-familiar stories about successful people, and the unfamiliar stories about the bad things that happened in the aftermath.

Florence Nightingale revolutionized nursing. That ruined her life. Caring for. the sick and wounded in the Crimean War in awful conditions, she got a
CRACKED.COM Astronaut Buzz Aldrin suffered from depression and alcoholism after returning from the moon. It was such an enormous achievement that he f
CRACKEDCON Rebecca Schaeffer, a star of TV'S My Sister Sam, was killed by an obsessed fan who had stalked her for years. Anti-stalking laws were soon
CRACKEDOON Wilbur and Orville Wright were the first to fly a plane in 1903. One of them was also involved in the world's first fatal plane crash. Duri
CRACKEDco COM GOO WILL HUNEINC Fron Tu MIRAMAX MOTION PeTuBE After finding incredibre success by being nominated for an Academy Award for best origina
RACU Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, is a fairly wealthy oil-boom town. But with the oil boom came a massive drug problem. A combination of loneliness
CRACKEDO COM Kung Fu actor John Blyth Barrymore grew up in a well': known Hollywood family and had access to a huge variety of drugs throughout his te
Anne Sullivan was very successful in caring for the deaf and blind Helen Keller. But her devotion to Keller led to the breakdown of Sullivan's marriag
Bela Lugosi went from runaway child to Broadway celebrity, to the actor that defined Dracula (And Ygor!) in cinema, as well as our collective consciou
Veteran stock car driver Leon Gonyo won a 2012 NASCAR race at Devil's Bowl Speedway. GEOFFREY'S DONTVAN Rey 2AM Ford JEHW TAMA-JJA Builders aa P WRISC
Being in the spotlight most of her life had an impact on Selena Gomez's mental health. She suffered from anxiety, depression, and panic attacks, which
Leon Lederman won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1988. However, he was later forced to sell it to help pay for his medical expenses.
Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator and Modern Times were hugely popular in the U.S, but the FBI was not impressed. Chaplin was labelled as one of H
Marie Curie was a groundbreaking physicist and twice Nobel laureate. She discovered radium, leading to the birth of radiation-based cancer treatment.
Star Wars CRACKEDCOR nearly drove Ahmed Best to suicide. Best said he was exhausted and broken over racially-fueled backlash following the release
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