23 Movie And Show Jokes (Hidden In Foreign Languages)

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23 Movie And Show Jokes (Hidden In Foreign Languages)

If you aren't big on watching foreign films and television shows, you're really missing out. There are a bunch of wonderful stories that are told in movies and TV shows that didn't originate in your home country. The different cultures lead to different perspectives, different expression, and different outlooks on storytelling. There are several great horror films, dramas, and comedies.

Yeah, about that last one. Comedies can sometimes go over the heads of people outside their home nation due to different translations and culture. I mean, in the end, humor is subjective, right?

If you haven't guffawed out loud during a movie or show in a while, It's understandable to assume that entertainment has gotten painfully unfunny. But trust us, cleverness is alive and well. It's just gotten so brilliant, it's now hiding itself in foreign language jokes literally right in front of our eyes and ears.

We asked our readers to translate, so we're all in on the joke. Here's what they found:

23 Movie And Show Jokes (Hidden In Foreign Languages)
In Bojack Horseman, after Diane divorces Mr. Peanutbutter, she moves into Le Triste Apartments. LeTriste AEOTS o0o Triste is French for sad. Also,
In the Frasier episode An Affair To Forget, German- and Spanish-speaking viewers were laughing far sooner than others. Frasier mistranslates wife
The neon Chinese sign on the rooftop in Deadpool 2 literally translates to deadpool. H SRAS HI Flipped image II FE I Deadpool
In the opening of Carpenter's THE THING (1982), a Norwegian man tries to warn MacReady and his crew about the dog. He shouts before getting shot... S
CRACKEDG COM In this early work by Trey Parker, there's a Native tribe called the Nihonjin. CANNIBAL! THE MUSICAL Nihonjin is the Japanese word for
In a dream sequence from BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, Willow paints on Tara's back what seems a string of unintelligible characters. It's actually a love
Peggy Hill (a substitute Spanish teacher) being very confident, yet very terrible at speaking Spanish is a long running joke on KING OF HILL THE A rec
In the South Park song Let's Fighting Love, the lyric mistaken for kickassu is actually kenka suru, Japanese for quarrelling or squabbling. The
A FISH CALLED WANDA In the dog funeral scene, you can hear the choir sing 'Miserere dominus, miserere dominus, canis mortuus est'. In Latin, the phras
23 Movie And Show Jokes (Hidden In Foreign Languages)
CRACKEDcO COM The AMAZING WORLD OF G!LMMBALL Gumball and Darwin end up in a timeline where everyone speaks German in an angry tone. What the character
In the Family Guy episode German Guy, Chris meets a German named Franz Gutentag (German for good day) who turns out to be whose CRACKED.COM a Nazi
In AMERICAN DAD, Steve gets shouted at in a drug lab: LAVATE LAS MANOS! which he repeats vigorously, thinking it's a spell. Actually it's Spanish fo
KING OF HILL THE In the episode De-Kahnstructing Henry, Kahn is speaking French on the phone while at work. Only French-speakers would notice that K
In the Futurama episode The Honking, Bender runs screaming after he sees the number 1010011010 form in a haunted house. 1019911919 1010011010 is 666
CRACKEDo COM The Good Place Jason Mendoza's fake name in Michael's Good Place is Jianyu Li. In Traditional Chinese, jianyu LI is roughly in prison,
CRACKED CON The 2017 Beauty and the Beast has this exchange: Gaston: She's the only girl that gives me that sense of... LeFou: Hm, je ne sais quoi? Ga
In Friends S8E17, Ross wears a shirt with what looks like a random hand gesture. CEnLKAZ DT 6 D It's not. In American Sign Language, that means frien
In Hercules, Phil says: Two words: I am retired. It's not a miscounting gag. When translated to Greek, the character's native language, it is two wo
ANCHORMAN CRACKED cO THE LEGEND OF RON BURGUNDY The women of Channel 4 have a ladies night at a Mexican Restaurant called Escupimos en su Alimento...
Serenity mocks itself. The chant used to turn off River is a Russian idiom meaning this is ridiculous. CRACKED cOR
In Kingsman: The Secret Service, Eggsy asks for the code to open Princess Tilde's jail cell SO he can take her up on her offer to do it in the *hole.
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