26 Wild Facts About Common Products

A ton of mundane stuff has a wild, weird history.
26 Wild Facts About Common Products

You might wanna clean your ears with a Q-tip for this. Oh wait, you'll only get this pun when you'll scroll down and read about how Q-tips were invented, so never mind. Forget we said anything and lets try again. 

It is easy to take the products we use every day for granted, and assume that they're inherently uninteresting and are here only to save a purpose. The thing is, that awesome logo and some fancy packaging might be hiding a startlingly interesting story behind the product . For example, you're barely taste any orange in your orange juice and the Oreos you are having next to it are a knockoff. Which makes both of them taste better if you ask us. But that's just because we are suckers for artificial tastes and a good reboot.  

So here are some dizzyingly unexpected facts about merchandise you never spend time thinking about.

MYSTERY FLAVOR DUM DUMS EXIST TO AVOID CLEANING THE MACHINES. When a flavor is running out, they just plop the next one on top and a batch MYSTERA of
TOILET PAPER Fig:i. ROLLS WERE ORIGINALLY WRAPPING PAPER ROLLS. Seth Wheeler patented rolls of perforated wrapping paper in 1883. When that wouldn't s
26 Wild Facts About Common Products
CRACKEDOON THE FIRST NIKE SHOES WERE MADE WITH A WAFFLE IRON. Bill Bowerman noticed over breakfast that a waffle pattern was just right to make light
THESE AREN'T BIZARRE SEX TOYS. Stop trying to imagine how they're used. These are aluminum molds that are dipped in liquid latex to make balloons.
FORTUNE COOKIES WERE INVENTED IN CALIFORNIA. it's not clear if they were created by a Chinese immigrant in Los Angeles or a Japanese immigrant in San
Operating Booths Pents ROYAL NAVAL COLLEGE OSBORNE BRITISH VACUUM CLE NO Iinus THE FIRST VACUUM CLEANER WAS HUGE. The humongous thing was parked outsi
CRACKEDCON YOU HAVE UNZIPPED A YKK LATELY. YKK If you're wearing anything with a zipper right now, it's very likely the letters YKK are stamped on it.
26 Wild Facts About Common Products
THE PLATES USED TO PRINT MONEY ARE HAND-MADE. The dots and lines you see on your money are engraved by hand using very small tools. An engraver can ta
YOU'RE BARELY TASTING ANY ORANGES IN YOUR ORANGE JUICE. Juice is often sterilized for long- term storage, which removes all the orange-y tastiness fro
FANTA WAS THROWN TOGETHER BECAUSE OF 100% NATURAL FLAVORS HITLER. CAFFEINE FREE The German branch of Fant Coca-Cola created the fruity beverage to get
26 Wild Facts About Common Products
GRAHAM CRACKERS WERE INTENTIONALLY CREATED TO GIVE YOU NO JOY. Reverend Sylvester Graham preached a life of temperance with no physical pleasure, eith
VELCRO WAS INSPIRED BY SEEDS. Swiss engineer George de Mestral created Velcro by replicating the microscopic hooks of the seeds that got stuck to his
CRACKEDCON PEZ IS It takes about 3,000 MADE pounds of pressure to compress the UNDER sugary goodness A LOT OF that makes up a PEZ candy into the PRESS
UEA WUNoL JHydrox Arnser Oriiol Crimie Faxct o RAMREA CrocOlate Sarctowict Cookcie WEE MOID als Bltonpr NET WY RE OZ (243u) OOD Hydrox Orthatnet Crme
CUSTOM WIGS HAVE EACH HAIR ATTACHED BY HAND. Hairs are inserted and knotted into the foundation a few at a time, sometimes individually. Repeat 40,000
YOUR HOODIE MAY HAVE BEEN A BOTTLE ONCE. Plastic bottles are often recycled into polyester yarn, which is then used to make polar fleece clothing. CRA
Q-TIPS WERE ORIGINALLY JUST FOR BABIES. Leo Gerstenzang's invention was sold at first as Baby Gays. The name was eventually changed to Q-tips (the
NOBODY KNOWS HOW ROGAINE RE WORKS. BEST USE - TWICE DAILY The drug minoxidil was oeo initially approved by the FDA to treat high blood Rogair MEN'S pr
PUMPKIN SPICE IS SEASONAL ONLY BECAUSE OF MARKETING. The spice is unrelated to the pumpkin harvest, as it isn't made with pumpkins. There's no reason
A NASA ENGINEER INVENTED THE SUPER SOAKER IN HIS BATHROOM. Uper NERF Daker Lonnie Johnson was testing an idea for a water-based refrigeration system.
THE WORLD'S MOST HIPSTER COFFEE IS POOPED OUT BY AN ANIMAL. The Asian palm civet likes to eat coffee berries. The beans are recovered undigested from
26 Wild Facts About Common Products
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