You might wanna clean your ears with a Q-tip for this. Oh wait, you'll only get this pun when you'll scroll down and read about how Q-tips were invented, so never mind. Forget we said anything and lets try again. 

It is easy to take the products we use every day for granted, and assume that they're inherently uninteresting and are here only to save a purpose. The thing is, that awesome logo and some fancy packaging might be hiding a startlingly interesting story behind the product . For example, you're barely taste any orange in your orange juice and the Oreos you are having next to it are a knockoff. Which makes both of them taste better if you ask us. But that's just because we are suckers for artificial tastes and a good reboot.  

So here are some dizzyingly unexpected facts about merchandise you never spend time thinking about.

Entry by xooll

THESE AREN'T BIZARRE SEX TOYS. Stop trying to imagine how they're used. These are aluminum molds that are dipped in liquid latex to make balloons.

Entry by Gisele

26 Wild Facts About Common Products

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