16 Dead Characters That Nobody Mourned

16 Dead Characters That Nobody Mourned

Death is a fact of life, and it's also a fact of fiction. Not everyone in every story gets out alive. In fact, it's kinda necessary to most plots in films and television shows. It's usually part of a huge, hyper-dramatic arc where everyone's super sobby, sad, and emotional. It creates dramatic impact and wells up feelings in the audience viewing the story. But not always. Sometimes a character will die, and it's like they never existed.

We get that some characters have outlived their usefulness to a movie or show, but if their deaths have literally no impact, then what's the point of killing them off at all? They could go away to school. Move to a different state. Step into a parallel dimension. Or just not have been written in the first place.

But nope. Some characters get killed off and we don't really care. Consider the following unceremonious snuffs:

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