18 Disturbing Moments In Mainstream Movies & Shows

These scenes are coming from inside the movie!
18 Disturbing Moments In Mainstream Movies & Shows

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Everyone expects scary, disturbing moments in horror movies. But what's truly disturbing is when startling, upsetting scenes make their way into non-horror fare. Everyone loves a good visceral, gut reaction now and then. They're just not what you tune in for, in mainstream movies and shows.

We asked readers to show us dark moments that hit them so hard they turned off whatever they were watching, and walked away. Presumably to watch some actual horror, where you know what to expect.

18 Disturbing Moments In Mainstream Movies & Shows
CRACKEDCOR COM In Star Trek: The Motion Picture, I witnessed a terrifying scene where two Enterprise crewmen are caught in a transporter accident. I'l
AS GOOD AS IT GETS I found the betrayal and brutal assault of Greg Kinnear's sweet character So horrific that I couldn't watch any more of the film. I
Saving Private Ryan is supposed to be an amazing, inspiring movie. WOULDN'T KNOW The opening scene is SO disturbing to me that I turned it off, walked
18 Disturbing Moments In Mainstream Movies & Shows
I truly dislike watching movie scenes with close-ups of eating. Unsurprisingly, it's even worse when there is vomiting. Lronically, this means that th
BUTTERFLYEFFECT T I was expecting a trippy sci-fi movie, but it turned out to be the stuff of nightmares. I'll never get over one of Tommy's revenge a
Anything crawling on a ceiling with its head on backwards would be extremely creepy... ...but the zombie-looking baby on the ceiling in TRAINSPOTTING
CRACKEDCO 07 Slumdog Millionaire has plenty of disturbing scenes, but I draw the line when one of the children is forcibly blinded by a hot spoon.
I couldn't make it past the live organ transplant scene in Monty Python's The Meaning of Life. Most of it's shot from the perspective of a man having
I have yet to finish watching CHERNOBYL The first episode ends with an engineer being forced to the top of the nuclear plant's roof to inspect the dam
AMERICAN HISTORY X have no idea how people make CRACKEDOONT it through this movie. turned it off immediately after the curb stomp scene.
SNOWPHERCER Chris Evans in sci-fi film based a on Count a French comic? me in! Until this freaking scene. The battle axe was so gruesomely violent tha
CRACKEDcO COM Pinocchio nocchio That scene where Lampwick transforms into a donkey traumatized me so much I didnt see the rest of the movie until year
I couldn't rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The nightclub carnage in the two-part pilot reminded me too much of the mass shootings in Paris and Orlan
I couldn't go on watching Outlander after the scene where Jamie beats Claire for putting him and his men at risk. I could handle all the war, death, a
The scene where Piscatella cuts off Red's hair in Orange Is the New Black is highly disturbing. Her hair coming off her scalp sounds like paper tearin
TOY STORY 2 Woody's nightmare scene scared me So much that I refused to watch the rest of the movie. I only watched the whole thing after being assure
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