20 Movies That Fudged The Truth


We all know that Hollywood fudges some facts to make for a more entertaining movie. Hell, one of the greatest movies from two of the greatest directors of all time—the Coen Brothers' Fargo—opens with a disclaimer that “this is a true story…at the request of the survivors, the names have been changed.” But that was bullshit! Ol' Joel ‘n’ Ethan just thought it was a cool and ominous way to open a crime movie set in extremely cold and ominous permafrost that is…North Dakota? Wisconsin? Not Canada. We know it's not Canada. The place where Fargo is. Oh no, “The Place Where Fargo Is” sounds like a haunting fairy tale—another kind of classic storytelling device that stretches the truth.  


Movies lie, is what we're saying. And that's fine! It's usually in service of story structure or building dramatic tension over the course of 90-120 minutes. But it turns out some of those things they neglect to mention end up being pretty unfortunate when reapplied to the movie:


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20 Movies That Fudged The Truth

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