26 Eyebrow-Arching Facts About Hit Movie Locations

Oh sure, movie plots are fine and all, but what about those locations?
26 Eyebrow-Arching Facts About Hit Movie Locations

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Movie locations are easy to overlook. They just sit there in the background, being the scenery that they are. But sometimes there's a story behind that setting that's just as interesting -- or even more interesting -- than what the main characters are doing.

For example:

ADYSS THE The Abyss wasn't filmed on the ocean's bottom, but in an unfinished nuclear reactor near Gaffney, South Carolina, filled with 7.5 million ga
S7A IRER THE NEXT. GENERATION Many stray cats lived on the Paramount Studios lot- SO whenever the crew of the Enterprise visited an alien planet, the
FLDP The cabin is only a shell for exterior shots - the interior set was built in a high school gymnasium rented by the production. CRACKED.COM
CRACKEDGO COM STAR WARS You can stay at Luke Skywalker's home in Tatooine! The Lars Homestead. is actually the Hotel Sidi Driss in Matmata, Tunisia.
CRACKED.COM CLBRKS Quick STOP GROCERIES I ASSURE YOUWERE OPEN! Clerks was shot in a grocery store where Kevin Smith was working at the time. The joke
CUBE The many, many, many cubic rooms are all actually the same set lit in different colors. CRACKED.COM
5TAAIM RESTAURANTT TOM'S eou Tom's Restaurant in Manhattan provides all the exterior shots for Monk's Cafe. It's also the same eatery that Suzanne Veg
The Teletubbies' hill {eletubbic: was located in a field in Wimpstone, Warwickshire, England. Was. The landowner turned the place into a pond after sh
THE LOST WORLD JURASSIC PARK The moist microclimate of Fern Canyon, California harbors species not found in the surrounding redwoods, including approp
CRACKED.COM Malcolm X This was the first fiction film to get permission to shoot in Mecca. A special crew was assembled, as only Muslims are allowed i
Most of Trainspotting was shot in the abandoned Wills Tobacco factory in Glasgow. Because of its shoestring budget, cast and crew lived there through
GHOSTBUSTERS --oO ALADER- The Hook & Ladder Company No. 8 Firehouse in Tribeca, NYC was cut in half in 1914 to widen the adjacent street, giving the b
FATHER of the BrIDE The house in Pasadena, California where Steve Martin and Diane Keaton (and their daughter) lived is visited every day by fans, and
X-MEN Hatley Castle in British Columbia, Canada doubles for Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. It has also been used as a shooting location in Arr
A CRACKED  RISIMS Sr'' Ry The house where the movie was shot in Cleveland, Ohio was turned into a museum in 2006, full of props and costumes from the
CRACKEDc C on The Lady Washington, a replica of an 18th- century brig, is the Interceptor in Pirates of the Caribbean and the Jolly Roger in Once Upon
26 Eyebrow-Arching Facts About Hit Movie Locations
THX 1138 George Lucas' first feature film was shot in a BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) tunnel while it was under construction. CRACKED.COM
the TRUMANs show The Truman Show was filmed in Seaside, Florida. Yes, that idealized town of pastel homes is real, and you can visit it.
KiNG'S SPEECH THE Lionel Logue's office was also used to shoot the video for Amy Winehouse's Rehab and the gay porno Snookered. CRACKED COMT
The climactic torture scene was shot in a decommissioned cooling tower at the Croydon Power Station in London.
CLOSE ENCOUNTERS Of THE THIRD KIND Devil's Tower in Wyoming was made America's first national monument by Theodore Roosevelt. Geologists disagree abou
JOHN CARPENTER'S CRACKED COM ESCAPE FRoM nelll YORK The final scenes were shot at Sepulveda Dam, built in the 1940s -in Los Angeles.
SESSION Danvers State Hospital is a real abandoned mental asylum. No set dressing was necessary -the place was already as spooky as seen on screen, co
AVENGERS MARVEL'S CRACKED.COM When not used to experiment on the Tesseract, NASA'S Space Power Facility, near Sandusky, Ohio, is the world's largest v
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