26 Weird Early Roles Your Favorite Actors Actually Played

26 Weird Early Roles Your Favorite Actors Actually Played

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Everyone's got to start somewhere, even ridiculously successful actors. The difference is, while your early job chipping tots out of the deep freezer is lost to time, actors' early roles are on celluloid, for posterity.

So remember, for every blockbuster superstar role, there are dozens of moments like these hiding in megastars' past:

Entry by foxjasond

BRYAN CRANSTON WAS JERRY SEINFELD'S DENTIST. Long before cooking meth in Breaking Bad, he was poking into Seinfeld's mouth as Dr. Tim Whatley. CRACKED

Entry by bohemian

TOBEY MAGUIRE WAS HITCHHIKING IN BAT COUNTRY. A few years before slinging webs and crawling on walls, he was picked up by Johnny Depp and Benicio del

Entry by junkpunch

CRACKED COM JAKE GYLLENHAAL PLAYED BILLY CRYSTAL'S SON. Gyllenhaal was a cowboy in Brokeback Mountain. Long before that, he was a (fake) cowboy's chil
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