26 Wild Weirdo Ways Actors Prepared For Roles

Proof that acting is definitely a real job for serious people.
26 Wild Weirdo Ways Actors Prepared For Roles

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Acting is a skill, and like any skill, the people who do it professionally have certain tricks they use to get better at it. That's not surprising. What is surprising is how brain-punchingly weird those tricks can be.

This contest idea rattled out of the brain of YappyDoo while he was doing a series of fingertip exercises to maximize his meme-making skills.

You'd think the craziest thing Shia LaBeouf did for Fury was cuttting his own face open. But LaBeouf also joined the United States National Guard, got
26 Wild Weirdo Ways Actors Prepared For Roles
In Rabbit Hole Aaron Eckhart is a mourning father who lost his son. To get the feel, Eckhart attended a support group and made up a story...pretending
Ashton Kutcher went on the fruitarian diet for Jobs. He wound up in the hospital with pancreas issues. CRACKED CON
Robert Pattinson acted like a weirdo to prepare for his role as a robber in Good Time. He lived in a basement apartment, just like his character, and
CRACKED COM THE MACHINIST In order to portray the anorexic lead in The Machinist, Christian Bale went on a diet consisting only of cigarettes and whis
Meryl Streep wanted to have the perfect Polish accent in Sophie's Choice... So she learned Polish (And German)
CRACKED COM 84 Livepin OSON 40 Bert A S zxCVa Sally Field and Daniel -Lewis prepared for their roles in Lincoln by frequently texting each other in ch
To prepare for his roles as Kikuchiyo in The Seven Samurai and Tajomaru in Rashomon, Mifune Toshiro studied films of lions to imitate their menacing p
To get into character as a demon biker in Ghost Rider, Nicolas Cage sewed a small sarcophagus into his jacket, as a power object. It was a greenish
LesMiserables For the near-death look of Fantine in Les Miserables, Anne Hathaway ate only two thin squares of dried oatmeal paste a day.
CRACKED COM THE MASTER To talk out of the sides of his mouth in The Master, Joaquin Phoenix had brackets attached to his top and bottom teeth and wrap
CRACKEDo COM BLUE VALENTINE Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams prepared for their roles by living together with their on-screen daughter for a month a
THEGIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO Rooney Mara shaved part of her head and had her eyebrow and nipple pierced for The Girl With The Dragon Tat'too.
CRACKEDco COM Daniel Radcliffe listened to Megadeth and A Place To Bury Strangers on repeat before doing his scenes in Horns. He believed that was how
To perfect his role as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody, Rami Malek hired a dialect coach, a movement coach, and learned how to sing and play pian
IIDEO Brad Pitt and Edward Norton learned how to make soap for Fight Club. Norton estimated that they spent more time learning how to make soap with a
For his role in Better Call Saul, Bob Odenkirk wasn't just pretending as a Cinnabon worker; he knew what he was doing. That's because he was trained b
To really get into character as an 82-year-old guy in Suspiria, Tilda Swinton had the makeup department make a prosthetic penis and balls she could we
To prepare to play the giant ape in King Kong through motion capture, Andy Serkis spent a year studying apes and visiting CRAGH the London Zoo. He als
Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena would go on ride-alongs with the LAPD for five CRACKED.COM months to be ready to play cops in the film End of Watch.
To show commitment to his role as lord in a drug Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston learned how to cook meth from the DEA chemistry consultants on the show.
To play the great British painter J.M.W Turner, Timothy Spall CAKA Peter Pettigrew in Harry Potter) trained with a watercolorist, on and off, for two
MISSIDN: IMPOSSIBLE RIGUE NATIDN Tom Cruise trained with a professional diver for weeks to learn to hold his breath for around 6 1/2 minutes for an un
Andy Robinson kept an in character journal to get into the mindset of Garak from Deep Space 9. The background material he wrote for the character was
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