19 Gifts So Bananas They Could Only Be Given By Celebrities

Got piles of cash and a special event coming up? We've got you.
19 Gifts So Bananas They Could Only Be Given By Celebrities

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One of the neat things about being a rich celebrity is that you can do super-crazy stuff with your money. And that definitely applies to giving gifts to your fellow famous people. Because of that, fancy people's mansions are littered with amazingly weird, ridiculously extravagant gifts. And piles and piles of wrapping paper. Probably.

Special thanks to Amomaxia, who will never be able to say he couldn't think of a great gift idea.

When Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson got married, Samuel L. Jackson got them a wedding gift of 10,000 BEES. Though the couple had asked for no gi
When GQ got a bunch of celebrities to give gifts to President Obama, the gift from Amy Schumer was a bunch of MAGNUM LARGE SIZE CONDOMS TROIAN MAGNI T
After Dave Grohl broke his leg during a performance, Lionel Richie sent him some baked goods. Grohl was recovering after surgery when he was delivered
19 Gifts So Bananas They Could Only Be Given By Celebrities
Hollywood television executive Aaron Spelling gave his daughter Tori a white Christmas when she was a child. INMENT GROUP He hired a snow machine to c
5s AA Since they were apart a lot, Angelina Jolie and her then husband Billy Bob Thornton gave each other lockets (which they wore around their necks)
Miley Cyrus received a penis-shaped plant from Chelsea Handler, who has also received a penis-shaped plant herself. ALEXAMDER WANG Jenny McCarthy gave
John Legend gifted wife Chrissy Teigen a hollowed-out cheese wheel to serve pasta in for Christmas. RARHIGIAND-REGGIANO PAREHPN POBMIGIANDAREGOIRNOS P
Dax Shepard rented a sloth for his wife Kristen Bell for her birthday. CRACKEDCON
STAPLES CENTER STAPLES Center Justin Bieber once rented out LA's Staples Center for Selena Gomez to give her a CRACK private screening of her favourit
CRACKEDOOM As an early Christmas present, Floyd Mayweather's team presented him with a two-month- old tiger.
Ellen DeGeneres' gift to Oprah Winfrey for her 60th birthday was a huge portrait of her, made entirely of sequins. CRACKEDcO
Lady Gaga gave American Horror Story's producer Ryan Murphy a bag Of her own vomit. Before their first meeting, Gaga was So nervous about her very fir
For her 30th birthday, Kelly Osbourne had two of her extracted wisdom teeth dipped in gold. The wisdom teeth, pre-dipping She kept one for herself and
Elizabeth Taylor gave The King Of Pop an elephant. After Jackson allowed Taylor to use his ranch for her wedding, Taylor visited Jackson and brought a
Jaden Smith got his mom, Jada Pinkett Smith, gold grills for her 45th birthday. This involved having a jeweler come to their house to make a mold of P
For his 35th birthday, Katy Perry got Russell Brand an out-of-this-world present. Literally. She gifted him a $200,00 half-a-day tour (traveling three
Christoph Waltz broke his pelvis after falling off a horse while training for his GRHON role in Django Unchained. To make him feel safe throughout the
CRICy Eminem bought EIton John a pair of diamond cuk rings. After EIton John and David Furnish entered into a civil partnership in 2005, Eminem sent t
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