Rejected Ideas That Became Iconic Pop Culture

Turns out Hollywood is way more like a casserole than you thought.
Rejected Ideas That Became Iconic Pop Culture

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Creative people have to deal with rejection all the time. Something else they do all the time is take a rejected creation from one movie or show and roll it right into an even better movie or show.

So everywhere you look, music, plots, dialog, costumes, character designs, and more from super-famous entertainment are actually the rejects from a completely different thing.

Joe Esposito's song You're the Best was rejected for the soundtrack of Rocky JJII.. The Karate Kid's director, John Avildsen, liked the song and inc
Randy Newman wrote the original score for Air Force One. Director Wolfgang Petersen scrapped his work, calling it almost parody. Newman turned aroun
CRACKED CO COM Producer Jon Peters' rejected idea for a giant spider in a Superman movie was later used in Wild Wild West. Peters originally made Kevi
CRACKEDCON Director Adam McKay made a new film out of Anchorman's deleted scenes, called Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie. TEA It feels like an a
In the 1950s composer Monty Norman wrote a song about an Indian man sneezing for a musical titled A House For Mr Biswas. The musical was abandoned, SO
The album Orphans is a collection of random songs that Tom Waits couldn't make work on his other albums. A lot of songs that fell behind the stove
Troubleshooter, the first script for Die Hard 3, involved terrorists on a Caribbean cruise ship. Bruce Willis didn't wanty to do something similar to
John Knoll developed the concept for Rogue One all the way back in 2003. At the time, Lucasfilm was developing a live action Star Wars show, and Knoll
Richard Wright composed The Violent Sequence for Michelangelo Antonioni's film Zabriskie Point. CRAGKEDCONS When the director rejected the song, Wri
Douglas Adams had had the story of Life, the Universe and Everything knocking around for ages. He first pitched it as a Doctor Who episode (too sil
CRACKED Max Martin first wrote ...Baby One More Time under a different title - Hit Me Baby One More Time. After it was rejected by TLC because the
David Lynch's Mulhollan Drive was intended to be a pilot for a TV show for ABC, but it was ultimately rejected due to its violence. He later added an
Every song but one on Sia's album This is Acting was originally written by Sia for another artist, and rejected by them. SiA THiS i3 A<TiNG The album
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