25 Environmental Factors That Are Messing With Your Head

All the little things in the world around you that are messing with your head.
25 Environmental Factors That Are Messing With Your Head

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You're not imagining things. The color of the paint on the walls, the sounds coming out of the appliances, the various wafting smells, and a million other subtle things are constantly affecting your mind and health.

We asked our plasticians to look into the most interesting ways our environment is affecting our brains, and we gave cash to our favorite entries. Which we hope had a positive effect on their brains. Winner is below, but first, the runners-up:

Just being in a doctor's office causes about twenty percent of the population to have a surge in blood pressure. It's called White Coat Syndrome, an
Living near churches makes you more conservative while living near government buildings has the opposite effect. Scientists believe the mind subconsci
Research shows that sitting by the window at work is beneficial to your health ANd overall wellbeing. The exposure to natural light reduces eyestrain,
CRACKED COM Being in a cluttered environment makes you vulnerable to unhealthy eating and overconsumption of food. If the clutter is out of your contr
Everyday traffic noise chips away at your health. It causes or contributes to a ton of conditions- obesity, ischemic heart disease, diabetes, and more
A subtle smell Of liquid cleaner makes people cleaner and tidier. A study shows that by simply making the air smell like an purpose cleaner, participa
Sleeping with light in the room such as from a TV or laptop - has been linked to obesity. ill,tlll,ll A U.K. study found that women who AfFnBBRRRREa s
Daylight Savings Time has been linked to higher rates of heart attack cases, due to people getting an hour less of sleep. A study conducted in 2014 re
Your buying decision is affecTeD by room lighting. A study by Kellogg School of Management found that people were more likely to make hedonic purchase
YoU ARE more LIKELY TO ORDER more FOOD IF YOUR WAITER IS on THE LARGER SIDE. In 2015, researchers studied 497 interactions in 50 restaurants in the US
Blue light makes men eat less. Scientists from the University of Arkansas found that men perceive food under blue light as less appetizing, and as a r
EVER WONDER WHY YOU NEED TO PEE WHEN IT'S COLD? Your body protects itself from cold by constricting the capillaries in your hands and feet. Your extre
Bright lights make chicken-wing sauce taste spicier. Researchers theorize that this is because bright light is perceived as heat, which triggers a str
The type of TV you watch as a child majorly impacts your dreams. Back in the 1940s, watching black and white TV influenced the dreams of three in ever
In an emergency situation, observers are more likely to help if there are few others around. The likeliness of someone helping decreases as the number
Spending too much time in space can give you mottled feet. Your calluses fall off, giving you soft, pink, baby-like skin, because there is no use for
CRACKEDC COM M MIC McDonald's. NcDonald's DRIVETHRU Aere Tranel AVIG JLATETAA YOLKSY A Dutch study found that people who live within half a mile of a
Warmer climate lower risk of multiple sclerosis. People who live in temperate climates are more often diagnosed with MS than people who live in countr
Alcohol consumption may depend on where people live. According to a study, people living in colder regions and darker climates drink more than people
The serving order at a buffet manipulates the food choices (type and quantity) made by individuals. A study revealed that 65.7% of a person's plate co
The less vegetation you grew up around, the likelier you are to get mentally ill later. in life. How much green space you had around you growing up pr
The continuous issue of climate change is capable of affecting your mental health without you realizing it. It is expected that 200 million Americans
Patients in hospitals recover faster, need fewer drugs, and feel less pain if their room has a view of nature. Remarkablyo these benefits occur even w
CRACKED CON Being in a hot and humid environment can impair your cognitive performance. Researchers tested the cognitive performance of participants i
Your dirty work environment may be making you stupid. A Florida State University found that people who have messier workplaces experienced greater cog
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