Here's How You Feel Like A Super-Genius (For Tiny Reasons)

True happiness lies in simple, perfect moments. Probably.
Here's How You Feel Like A Super-Genius (For Tiny Reasons)

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Let's just say it: A lot of the world around us seems like it was created specifically to make us feel dumb and confused. The good news is, a surprising number of truly mundane things can make us feel like absolute rock stars. Take that, world!

It's these ordinary, workaday experiences that leave you feeling utterly brilliant.

I feel like a NINJA whenever I effortlessly catch something that was suddenly tossed to me even when I know it was just pure luck.
Putting the last piece of a 2000-piece puzzle will make me feel accomplished for the whole week.
successfully parallel parking my car in one motion makes me feel like a member of the BASIT& crew. FURIOUS
I On the three times a year that it happens, being part of a smooth zipper merge in heavy traffic makes me feel like an expert driver.
When I need to open a certain page of a book, I always try to get to that exact page on the first flip. Now Severus, all? afe. after boy, Patronum!
When I can remember exactly where I heard or read something from longer than an hour ago, feel like an absolute master of memory. CRACKEDCON COM
When I peel an orange, and I get the skin off in one piece ... I feel like an absolute genius.
I'm the best mechanic expert just by checking my car's engine oil level.
I FEEL LIKE A ROCK STAR when I look up the lyrics to a song I thought I misheard and discover I was singing them correctly. CRACKEDC
I've become the go-to person for my trivia team when it comes to guessing the music for the music bonus. I get it right a lot. Even when it's a tota
Whenever the box and the milk jug both empty at the same time to make full bowl a of ccreal, it feels like just matched all six lottery numbers. CRACK
When I don't spill a single drop of medicine... I feel like a brain surgeon. CRACKED
Successfully getting my Sims to graduate and land their dream jobs, without using any cheats, makes me feel like an accomplished parent. CRACKED cO
Nothing says brave and heroic than being the only person in the office who isn't scared to kill the cockroach. CRACKEDCON
DISCOUNTS! -20% 70% 400 -80% -50% -60% 30% -109 It makes me feel like a math wizard knowing the exact amount to pay for an item after mentally calcula
Whenever I wake up right before my alarm rings... 12 1 10 2 9 3 8 4 7 5 6 I feel like I've got spidey senses! CRACKED
CRACKEDOON Whenever I'm the first person to figure out what the crying baby wants, I feel like the world's best baby whisperer!
OODIOW Typing really fast flawlessly and without looking at the keyboard makes me feel like a superhuman!
When the photocopier in my office isn't working, I give it a kick and it starts running normally. IT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE A GENIUS. O
Whenever my paper plane flew the further than everyone else's as a kid, the others would come to me to learn how to make better ones. In that moment,
mis fir i S I can always Pefft read people's t c handwriting, oll no matter O etlh how bad it is, making me feel mas tu smart every Scu. Ic time. Doff
Whenever successfully identify a singer or actor just by the sound of their voice, I feel like a walking, talking search engine. That's right, Google,
Walking through the tool aisle gives me a rush of testosterone. I look like a badass who knows how to handle a power tool. The fact that I am there ju
When I get a uniform cut on all my veggies... I feel like a professional chef. CRACKED COM
CRACKEDCON Whenever help my grandmother with even the simplest computer problem, I feel like a superhero.
Tying bow tie a correctly, totally makes me feel CRACKED.COM BOND as F#%K!
AIs When I rewind my DVR and aa manage to stop at the PER 98 exact right moment, I feel >e z like a master 00 S 2Ai AL of timing. ube 6 L 8 o SkyHD CR
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