18 Revealing Facts About Ginormous Companies

You think these companies are huge? Hold my beer.
18 Revealing Facts About Ginormous Companies

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You already know which companies are wildly successful and popular. What you might not know is how staggeringly huge those companies actually are. Seriously. The wealth and sheer magnitude of these companies is breathtaking.

Literally. It'll take your breath away, and possibly cause your heart to stop.

NETFLIX servers streamed over ONE BILLION hours of content a week in 2017.
farthest you can be The McDonald's a in U.S the from is 107 continental (as the crow flies). miles That discovery was made by artist and technologist
Ferrero sells about 800 million pounds of Nutella around the world every year. That's about nutella as heavy as the Empire FERRERO State e de aele Bui
M MCDonald's. AA McDonald's owns real estate worth over $30 billion. CRACKED cO
Since they entered the US market by merging with Musical.ly, TikTok has grown CRAGH to surpass Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat in downloads
3.0B 2.0B 1.0B 0.0 Oct - Dec Jan - Mar Apr - Jun Jul -Sep Oct - Dec Jan Mar 2017 2018 2018 2018 2018 2019 In the frst quarter of 2019, Facebook delete
CRACKEDCON ocat CocaCola On average, a fourth of all people drink one Coca-Cola drink a day.
CRACKEDCON $355.9B $297.8B amazon Walmart BIN TARGET *YOCV KOHES NORDSTRON JCPeywey SBS a In 2016, Amazon claimed 43% of all US online retail sales an
In 2017, IKEA obtained 2.3 billion website visits and over 900 million store visits globally. KEA home furnishings The company produces one of its Bil
GRAGKEDa COM Dropbox As of 2013, Dropbox's 100 million users saved up to 1 billion files daily --which was more than the number of tweets per day.
CRACKEDC Instagram has more users than the United States has citizens.
CRAGKED neSE. Poland spring Whole 100% ATOA Comi Shred Nestie Whe Naste Aquarel SIMPL btallinbhe INGREDIE ETS Whole 100% WIST Aetigen-l nole Meat Lasa
UPS employs 481,000 people. ups That's more than Target (360,000), Starbucks (291,000), or McDonald's (210,000). If UPS were a city, it'd be bigger th
CRACKEDC STARBUCKS REWARDS The Starbucks Rewards program currently has over 16 million active members in the U.S. alone. That's more than the populati
Nintendo has sold over 740 million consoles globally. They have SO much money and assets they can lose $257 million a year and Still stay in business
CRACREDC CONI TARGET HIT A BULLSEYE WITH THEIR LOGO. Cl a CRLATE irls Ma Moves A 2003 study found 96% of Americans can match the Target name to its lo
Tencent Games, known for dash of dans, earned more video game revenue in 2018 CAPCOM UBISOFT Nintendo JIALXt A Tencen Games ACTIVSION BLZZARD than Act
GRAGKEDCON LEGO is the LEGO world's largest tire manufacturer. LEGO 4+ 6118 106 WARN NX In 2012, it was awarded the Guinness World Record for largest
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