19 Actors' Fav Behind The Scenes Stories

Memorable backstage moments from memorable onstage people.
19 Actors' Fav Behind The Scenes Stories

Acting isn't for the fainthearted. There are long hours, dangerous stunts, endless re-shoots, and just constant pressure to look natural and relaxed. But there are also shining moments on the set that (we assume) make it all worthwhile.

Moments like ...

Mark Hamill's favorite Star Wars moment was being trapped in an Ewok net in Return of the Jedi. Hamill described it as a hilarious experience with all
One of John Krasinski's favorite moments while filming The Office was the Booze Cruise episode, in which all of the members of the office went on a cr
One of Jason Alexander's favorite Seinfeld moments came at the end of The Marine Biologist. The first draft of the ending didn't impress the live au
Jack Gleeson says Joffrey's funeral was one of his favorite days on the GOT set. I was on a cliff with stones in my eyes and I just got to sleep all
lain Glen says that the pit fight sequence was his best day on the Game of Thrones set. His daughter was there to watch him, and the director let her
the office One of Angela Kinsey's all-time favorite moments was the Yankee swap during the very first Christmas episode. You know, the one featuring t
Kevin Conroy's favorite moment recording Batman: The Animated Series was in the episode Perchance to Dream. Batman's voice actor found that playing
19 Actors' Fav Behind The Scenes Stories
Patrick Stewart's favorite THE NEXT GENERATI0N episode is The Inner Light... ::.because he got to TON act alongside his son, AWAR Daniel Stewart, wh
CRACKEDCOr Bill Hader's most memorable moment on Saturday Night Live was playing in a punk band with Dave Grohl. In a sketch about aging rock stars, H
CRACKEDCON Ethan Hawke's favorite onscreen kiss was with Angelina Jolie in Taking Lives (2004). He says that a kiss from her makes a guy forget his na
19 Actors' Fav Behind The Scenes Stories
19 Actors' Fav Behind The Scenes Stories
19 Actors' Fav Behind The Scenes Stories
CRACKED COM RESCUE DAWN AWERNER HERZOG FILM Christian Bale has said that doing the death-defying stunts in Rescue Dawn is the most fun he's ever had m
19 Actors' Fav Behind The Scenes Stories
Alden Ehrenreich's favorite on-set moment during the filming Of Solo: A Star Wars Story was an impromptu snowball fight. They were filming in the Dolo
Jamie Lee Curtis' favorite moment during Halloween (2018) happened on the last day of filming. Curtis was scheduled to perform the extremely harrowing
The cast of Black Panther agreed that the waterfall scene was their favorite moment on set. It was an impressive view, there were a lot of extras, and
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