15 Little Moments That Changed Pop Culture

15 Little Moments That Changed Pop Culture

You doubtless know about the butterfly effect, where a single, tiny incident will affect the world in huge, unexpected ways. Well, that same concept applies to the world of entertainment. Sometimes all it takes is a minor, seemingly meaningless event to set the wheels in motion for a pop culture giant.

Like did you know what happy accident led to ‘Saturday Night Live?’ What about the life-saving impact of Michael Scott administering CPR during an episode of ‘The Office?’ Then there's the Michigan woman who pretty much single-handedly ensured ‘Married With Children’ would run a whole lot longer. Garfield became a cultural force because Charles Schultz told Jim Davis to draw the lasagna-loving cat standing up. 

The entire universe of entertainment -- movies, TV, books, games, music, etc. -- is littered with examples of tiny decisions that had huge consequences. And they're more entertaining than that Ashton Kutcher movie, which admittedly wasn't bad.

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