15 Little Moments That Changed Pop Culture

Your next tweet could spawn an entire extended universe.
15 Little Moments That Changed Pop Culture

You doubtless know about the butterfly effect, where a single, tiny incident will affect the world in huge, unexpected ways. Well, that same concept applies to the world of entertainment. Sometimes all it takes is a minor, seemingly meaningless event to set the wheels in motion for a pop culture giant.

Like did you know what happy accident led to ‘Saturday Night Live?’ What about the life-saving impact of Michael Scott administering CPR during an episode of ‘The Office?’ Then there's the Michigan woman who pretty much single-handedly ensured ‘Married With Children’ would run a whole lot longer. Garfield became a cultural force because Charles Schultz told Jim Davis to draw the lasagna-loving cat standing up. 

The entire universe of entertainment -- movies, TV, books, games, music, etc. -- is littered with examples of tiny decisions that had huge consequences. And they're more entertaining than that Ashton Kutcher movie, which admittedly wasn't bad.

CRACKEDG COM The studio behind The Emoji Movie called up Jordan Peele's manager to offer the comedic actor the role of the poop emoji. Peele was SO di
In 1974, Johnny Carson asked NBC to stop broadcasting reruns of The Tonight Show on weekends. To fill the minute gap on Saturday nights, NBC came up w
Sony and Nintendo were collaborating on a CD-based game console in 1988. But there were conflicts, so the companies parted ways and Nintendo partnered
ROBERT DOWNEY JR. AD-LIBBED THE LINE: 0 AM IRON MAN. Effectively removing the having a secret identity part from MCU vigilantism, which in turn chan
Mars unwittingly helped popularize Reeses spieces. E.T.'s favorite candy was originally supposed to be M&M's, but Mars declined permission for thEM to
CRACKED COM A man may have saved a woman's life after learning CPR from the office. When Cross Scott found a woman in a car who wasn't conscious or br
Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J. P. The Big Bopper Richardson had been touring by bus, but made a last-minute decision to charter a flight becaus
In 1989 a Michigan housewife tried to make FOX cancel a show because she was offended by a particular episode... TERRY RAKOLTA BOYCOTT LEADER LIUT NEU
THE CLOTHES MAKE THE MAN. New Line Cinema's planned Iron Man movie got delayed, and the rights to the character returned to Marvel.Without Lron Man, t
When the 1966 BATMAN Batman TV show was announced, kids of many CIASSIC IV SERIES major stars TT wanted their parents to star in it. Because it was im
In 1961, a film titled The Hustler sTarriNG Paul Newman hit the silver screen. It successfully brought poOL, which was considered a dying sport prior
CRACKED CO The placement of the office in Scranton, PA turned the once-struggling former coal city into a tourist attraction. The fandom has brought t
DisNEY CRACKED PIXAR FINDING NEM The release of the film had the opposite effect it vied for. Sales for clown fish hit the roof and there was SO much
Initially, Superman only was able to leap tall buildings. But when animating the 1940s cartoon, the producers discovered that making him fly was a g
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