22 Worldviews That Are In Error

22 Worldviews That Are In Error

Despite the fact that the Great Wall of China cannot be seen in space, numerous textbooks haven't yet been updated to reflect this fact.

People make a lot of assumptions based on where they are. And, in a surprising number of cases, those assumptions are incorrect. Whether you're thinking of a little village, an entire continent, or somewhere in between, there's a good chance you're wrong about the location or its residents.

Let's be real, some of these are bummers. It turns out snake charmers have been banned in India for over a quarter of a century! We're not what's become of all the uncharmed snakes, but that is neither here nor there.  The fact is, there's a lot of cliches and stereotypes about the world that are just plum wrong. So before you go embarrassing yourself by comparing the size of Africa and Greenland, we suggest you check out some of these examples.

This contest was suggested by TimonDAwesome, who refuses to conform to any of the stereotypes about whichever planet he's from.

Entry by JGowen

Canada! The True North, eh? The northernmost part of the country is CRACKED COM inside the Arctic Circle, but most of Canada's population actually liv

Entry by RayMav

CRACKEDCO CON Not all the pyramids in Africa are in Egypt. The Sudan has twice as many-
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