40 Myths (That've Been Around Forever) We All Believe

By now you should know that we at Cracked have trouble swallowing the information that's been passed down to us throughout the years.
40 Myths (That've Been Around Forever) We All Believe

By now you should know that we at Cracked have trouble swallowing the information that's been passed down to us throughout the years. That's why we asked our readers to take some of the most reputed facts that we like to share with each other and debunk them.

The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

GEORGE WASHINGTON'S WOODEN TEETH The original George W. did wear dentures, but they were never made of wood. Some of his dentures were made of hippopo
Ever wondered what would happen if you drop a Penny off the Empire State Building and it hit someone? Pennies only weigh about a gram and they tumble
CRACKEDCO COM You don't have to take flak every time you refer to Frankenstein's creation as simply FRANKENSTEIN. In the Novel the creature has not I
CRACKED.COM Sleeping after receiving a concussion will not necessarily result in a coma. ...It's actually recommended by doctors to heal. Slipping int
In 2-year-old child died 1919, of a 2 poisoning, and it rumored that was the cause was poinsettia leaf. That substantiated rumor was never To this day
Did you hear about the ridiculous, greedy woman who spilled hot coffee on herself and sued McDonald's for millions? The media conveniently left out th
Thomas Beatie, the world's FIRST PREGNANT MAN... ...Was actually born a WOMAN! Sadly, Woman Gets Pregnant doesn't carry the same weight in headlines
Medieval Europeans Did not believe the world was flat, this idea was eliminated in Ancient Greece and not forgotten. (However, Medieval Europeans were
Contrary to popular belief, handling a baby bird won't make its parents reject it due to the smell of human. Most birds can barely smell. ...but it's
Chameleons change color to blend in to their environment. Actually, no. They don't. Chameleons change color based on their mood, or to send signals, w
CRACKED COM Thanks to this Shakespeare-hating douche wanting English to be more like Latin, he decided to make a rule that sentences should never end
F A Cure to SWANsO vie Cancert Shark Cartilage OeaithMonthiv.couik The myth that shark S 10 EAO ABDET BSAREANEE SHARKS T cartilage can not only STILL
Nutrition Facts Sodium (Na) is not just Table Salt (NaCI). This is why Frosted Flakes Sodium 140mg Taste nothing like Pringles Sodium 150mg These co
The tongue map shows us of the tongue which parts flavors taste different It is utter (salty, etc). sour, in 1942 started nonsense, Boring Edwin whe
'Jihad'does not mean Holy War' It is a deliberate mistranslation. Jihad is actually a variation on the word 'struggle' S:T 3 6 e 15f: 1 LOnai JISHIS 3
The lerm Scparalion of Church and SLalc nevcr appears in the Conslitulion or any amendments. The only menlion of rcligion al all slales that Congres
Although Americans celebrate July 4, 1776 as ndependence DDay, the Declaration of ndependence was actually signed while the mar against the British wa
CRACKED Toilets Don't Flush in the Opposite Direction in Australia. While the Earth's rotation does affect the spin direction of laurge systerns such
CRACKEDCON For three days after death hair and fingernails continue to grow, but phone calls taper off. - Johnny Carson >0 19 Well, actually no. Pro
CRACKEDcO There is no histori- calevidence of Vi- kings ever wearing horned helmets. It was a costume designer on an 18276 production of Wagner's Der
Hydrogen Peroxide, magic remedy that cleans your wounds and helps the healing process, right? Lo I6FL OZ PINT 473M. Actually, that bubbling is Hydroge
It is said that every Muslim martyr will get 72 'hur's, which are commonly perceived as 'virgins'.! However, in a recent study, 'hur' means 'white' in
Disney's Cinderella was an adaptation of the French fairytale Cendrillion written by Charles Perrault in 1697 who copied it from a much older tale.
You cannot see The Great Waill of China from the moon. You can barely see it from Earth's orbit, and conditions have to be perfect, You can blame Ripl
Not All Young Women Are Chaste... The line from Isaiah prophesizing a virgin birth (7:14), that is referenced in Matthew 1:22-23 is mistranslated. The
AS we all know, Columbus discovered America in 1492. (discovered= found 500 years after Leif Eriksson, America= Caribbean) Mistakenly thinking
CRACKEDa Charles Darwin never claimed that man evolved from apes. In his book On the Origin of Species Darwin wrote that he believed we shared a commo
Artists who depict God looking human aS in are misinterpreting what God's image (Gen. 1:27) means. Tselem demuth actually means something closer to
This is not D. B. Cooper The hijacker purchased his ticket under the name Dan Cooper. It was a reporter that misheard the suspect's name who gave hi
It'S often believed that wolves howl at the moon. But they don't. Howling is just the way wolves communicate with one another: which they do most oFte
The Story goes that Adam and Eve were banished for eating the forbidden aPple, but actually there isn't any reference in the Bible that the fruit migh
A.D. stands for Anno Domini, not After Death, as many think. Anno Domini is part of a larger phrase in Latin that translates to In the year of the
When you think of NOAH'S ARK you're probably picturing something like this. But the word ark in the Bible, from the Latin arca, always refers to a
The Victim: She was a singer Mama Cass Elliot with The Mamas and the Papas. (1941 -1974) The Suspect: Sometimes Ham Sandwich people eat these. (Deli
The Earth isn't necessarily orbiting the Sun. Instead, both bodies orbit a barycenter, the center of mass between them. Thus, the Sun doesn't just sit
Let them eat cake. MARIE ANTOINETTE NEVER SAID 'LET THEM EAT CAKE.' The quote showed up in Jean-Jacques Rousseau's autobiography, Confessions, which w
CRACKED.COM Chicago 308. Greai Fie ET The The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 killed over 300 people, left 100,000 homeless and destroyed nearly $200 milli
Menstruating Women do NOT Provoke Bear Attacks On August 13. 1967 two were killed women in grizzly bear attacks. With zero evidence. some speculated t

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