18 Ways Ads Have Warped Your World View

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Look, our readers aren't idiots. You all realize that advertisements are garbage nonsense. What you might not realize is how influential they are, in spite of that. A ton of the stuff we believe is directly molded by advertising, and a lot of it is wrong.

That's why MoroseGorilla suggested that our readers set the record straight about all the stuff you're getting wrong because of some dumb ad. Things like ...

Entry by Andrea Meno

Ads show toothpaste all over toothbrushes, but the healthiest amount is pea-sized. More than that makes your mouth foam, uses up the tube faster, and

Entry by VictorCamo

CRACKED COM You may think Diet Coke is a healthy alternative but diet soft drinks have not been found to help with weight loss and the acidity of arti

Entry by Busteq

As a kid, anti-drug advertising made me believe drug dealers would push drugs for free to hook me in. PUBL SCHOO So far, I've never had the chance to

Entry by Kalli

18 Ways Ads Have Warped Your World View

Entry by Michael Riel

In commercials, Nutella nutella claimed itself to be a healthy breakfast snack for kids. Turns out it's mostly made of sugar and palm oil. They were e

Entry by Hestutomo

As the vagina is self-cleaning, you don't actually need a special soap to clean it. Femina women Faris Classic ages Liquid Soap For Intimate External

Entry by yaseen_qadir

CRACKEDOON Milk does a body good The US Department of Agriculture advertised that adults should drink three cups of milk a day mostly for calcium and

Entry by Maclise

Shampoo ads showcase majestic locks that convince people they should wash GRA their hair every day. What those ads don't tell YOU is that shampooing t

Entry by Andrea Meno

CRACKED COM In ads, using product on hair tips is enough to style your 'do. But using it on roots gives you much more control over how your hair lays.

Entry by VictorCamo

You probably have been spraying your perfume in the wrong place! New studies have shown spraying on your wrists or neck is not very effective for hold

Entry by Michael Voll

CRACKEDG According to the ads, after intense exercise there's nothing better than a refreshing light beer. BUD LIVE LIFE TO THE ULTRA USAIUSA!USAL LIG

Entry by PookieJones

Commercials boast about a shampoo's rich lather, but froth doesn't matter. Shampoo doesn't have to make bubbles to clean hair. Manufacturers add foa


CRACKED COM Ads often show men shaving their faces fully clothed, and completely dry. This is not the ideal way to get the best shave. The best time t

Entry by jimclass

EXTREME MARKETING makes you think caffeine- based energy drinks pack a powerful punch. But a 8.4 OZ can of Red Bull contains only 80 mg of caffeine (9


CRACREDCON F AUSTRALIAN FOR BEER BREAERIES SORT ORMLOK KIOO RLAM OTE Advertising depicts Foster's as a beer that's popular in Australia and intrinsica

Entry by kidrawk

18 Ways Ads Have Warped Your World View

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Ads for protein shakes often mislead you into thinking that you will magically gain muscle strength by consuming their products. While protein shakes

Entry by Busteq

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