21 Ways Insiders Use Sneaky Language To Fool Us

21 Ways Insiders Use Sneaky Language To Fool Us

Fancy professionals literally speak their own language, filled with secret terms that sail right over other people's heads. Most of law school and med school is just learning words other people couldn't possibly decipher, THEN you learn law and medicine. Don't think the working class gets out of this: you ever take your car to get your tires rotated only to have the mechanic still you will a bill in the thousands while naming parts you're never heard of it? You ever listened to a functioning restaurant kitchen? Musicians are the worst, inventing an entire new language with three dialects (clefs) and a Southern accent (the Nashville Number System). No, we take it back, musicians are better than lawyers.

Point is, all of this is on purpose. Some of its specificity, but most of it's gatekeeping. Nobody likes being in the dark, so we asked our plasticians to shine some light on the coded phrases insiders use to communicate.

The winner is below, but first, the runners-up:

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We've got a Code Brown! If you hear a nurse call a Code Brown, it means they are in deep doo-doo. Literally. The term is used to describe a relate
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