These 47 Facts Will Make You A Walking History Channel

It’s time to bump up your ‘well, actually’ game.
These 47 Facts Will Make You A Walking History Channel

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As we enter into the new year, many of us do so with a renewed sense of self-improvement. And, like, literally every single list that tells you about success habits says learning new things makes you a better person. And look at that! We have something for you to read that'll teach you something!

Because we all know that the greatest way to display your intelligence is by showing off your insufferable collection of facts that the history books screwed up.

Happy New Year!

Salt Lake City has the widest streets of any major U.S. city. At 130 feet, they're twice as wide as Manhattan's. Brigham Young, the Mormon president w
For years after the Battle Of Waterloo, companies would dig up the bones of fallen soldiers, grind them up, and sell them as fertilizer. Bones are ric
These 47 Facts Will Make You A Walking History Channel
The infamous Milwaukee serial killer and cannibal, Jeffrey Dahmer, was a class clown in high school. 75 72 69 66 63 MILWALIKEE COUNTY MILWAUKEE COUNTY
THE FIRST EVER TWEET WAS SENT OUT ON 21 MARCH 2006. jack Follow @jack just setting up my twttr 12:50 PM Mar 2006 106.35 Retweets 80. 147 Likes 3.1K t
Abraham Lincoln was a trash-talking wrestler in the army. As a president, Lincoln was a patient leader, but as a young adult, he'd kick your ass. Duri
Greelius From The Secret City HENN. During WWII, Oak Ridge TN was commissioned to develop and build the first atomic bomb. The vast majority of the ci
Due to fire, decay, negligence, or deliberate destruction, TOIIO 75% of all American CRACKED.COM silent movies no longer exist.
CRACKED.COM BILLY THE KID was denied a pardon. in 2010 The Kid was allegedly promised a pardon by 1879 New Mexico Governor Lew Wallace in exchange for
Walt Disney himself helped to design a Mickey Mouse gas mask Though few remain, you can find several on display in Various museums in the United State
Hurricane Katrina improved children's health in New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina stirred up the sediment in Lake Pontchartrain to such a degree that whe
CDAOT A two-inch drop caused the Apollo 13 crisis. An oxygen tank was dropped, but inspections turned up only inconsequential damage, so it was approv
The first submarine dates way back to the 1620s and was made by Cornelius van Drebbel. SATLD. Called the Drebbel , it was basically an enclosed CRACKE
Vaseline originated as a byproduct of the oil drilling Veseloe process. In 1859, British chemist Robert Augustus Chesebrough visited a small town in P
The repeal of the prohibition of alcohol in 1933 led to the emergence of the modern CRAGN drug cartels. Crime syndicates needed a replacement for thei
During WWII, brothers Rudolf and Adolf Adi Dassler manufactured boots for the German soldiers, as well anti-tank as weapons. F Panzerschreck Adolf p
Just weeks before he died after slamming his Porsche head-on into another vehicle, JAMES DEAN made a PSA for the National Safety Council, 130 warning
ceorge Washington never wore a wig. ITE SPRINKLE WEINOTON The kind of hairstyle one would see in most of his portraits was achieved by following a pro
Isaac Newton was a waiter. Until he got an undergraduate scholarship, he waited tables at Cambridge.
Like wearing pajamas? You have WWI air raids to thank. In wwi, people were being driven out of their homes by night-time air raids, and they needed wa
The distinction of being the very first reality show goes to the 1973 PBS mini. series An American Family. The show followed the Louds (a large middle
Henry Ford tried to end WWI by sailing to Europe on a Peace Ship. He sailed with a group of pacifists and reporters, planning to convince European s
When people think of Joan of Arc being burned at the stake it's usually for the crime of being a witch. In actuality she was burned alive for wearing
In 1915, a German diplomat fell asleep on a train... and sparked a chain of events that convinced Americans to join World War I. CRAGK Heinrich Albert
These 47 Facts Will Make You A Walking History Channel
Arie-l, Britain's very first satellite, was put into orbit on April 26, 1962. It was asaccidentally destroyed weeks later after the US military detona
The earliest pillows were made of stone. Ancient Egyptian Pillow Neck-rests Ancient Chinese Pillow from Tutankhamen's tomb Originally more about keepi
Apollo missions increased the moon's temperature by 1-3 degrees Fahrenheit. Dust on the surface is lighter than the soil underneath, and astronauts wa
Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol just to quickly make some cash. E EE E E In the fall of 1843, Dickens was in debt, his wife had just given birth to th
Andrew Jackson's parrot had to be expelled from his owner's funeral... Because it wouldn't stop swearing. cRac
The Beatles wrote some of their songs purely because they wanted to buy cool new stuff. BRAOT Paul McCartney and John Lennon would start a songwriting
Frank sinatra always carried spare dimes in his pocket after the kidnapping of his son. ON DIDIE The kidnappers demanded all communication be via payp
What really crashed in Roswell in 1947? Pictured is a radar target from a balloon. The US Army Air Force was working on a balloon project at the time
By the time Bonnie and Clyde were at the height of their notorious crime spree they both walked with a limp. Clyde had chopped off two of his OWn toes
Ernesto Che' Guevara was also nicknamed E/ Chancho The Pig)... Because he seldom bathed.
CRACKEDo COM Because of their use of easily degradable papyruses, everything ever written by the Phoenicians is lost. To have a bit of an idea of what
In a major blow to science, the first 000 U.S. patents were lost in a fire. Copies of some were found, but most are forever lost, including the first
When The Thinker statue is brought up in conversations, you imagine a huge, lonesome statue of a thinking man. However, the original statue is a very
76 years later, we know what set fire to the Hindenburg: static electricity. After performing experiments with scale models, and reviewing archive foo
Chuck E. Cheese's existence was an accident. PzzA TIME CHUCKECHEESE'S WheteicanbeAkid. Nolan Bushnell was planning on creating a coyote mascot for his
Animation dates way back to the stone age, using only charcoal, flickering flames, and neuroscience. 21,000 years ago, prehistoric artists would draw
ud The stethoscope was invented by a French doctor named Rene LaENNEG because he was embarrassed having to press his ear to women's chests listening t
The original call signs for Apollo 11 were changed from Snowcone and Haystack to Columbia and Eagle. Which was probably a good thing. The Haystack ha
The first text message was sent December 3, 1992. It was Merry Christmas. 3DEF 2AC BMNO 5 JKL Wxt Aohl BTuV # 7PRS OOPR SND CLR END STO FCN BCL VOL
A Hollywood movie brought the KKK back to life. The BIRTH OF A NATION In 1871, Ulysses S. Grant eradicated the Ku Klux Klan as an organization. In 191
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