12 Movie And TV Questions (That Have Been Answered)

Hey look, it’s some internet arguments that have been permanently settled.
12 Movie And TV Questions (That Have Been Answered)

Hollywood loves a good mystery for their movies and TV shows. However, there are some instances where an omitted detail creates some controversy or a dangling thread is left in a story. The Internet is absolutely jam-packed with questions and plot holes that left fans hanging, with no recourse but to endlessly debate them online. Fan theory posts appear on Reddit. Video essayists appear and break it all down on YouTube. Fan fiction appears… well, everywhere.

But sometimes movie and show creators care so much about their work and their fans that they take the time to answer those burning questions, even after the move franchise ends or the television show is cancelled. Grateful fans are so satisfied that they step away from the Internet… only to get back on again to discuss how their idea was much, much better.

Here are some examples of when the most mysterious budding questions regarding TV and film were answered by the creators.

THE QUESTION: Br 35 reaking How long was Huell Bad 56 stuck in that safe house? In To'hajiilee, the big, lovable bodyguard gets questioned by Hank a
BATMAN v SUPERMAN DA wN OF JUSTICE THE QUESTION: Which Robin did the Joker kill? We all gasped in unison when Bruce Wayne walked past Robin's suit wit
THE QUESTION: ALF What happened to ALF in the series finale? The series, not knowing it was about to be canceled, ended on a rather devastating cliffh
Harly Potter AND. THE QUESTION: CHAMBER rSECRETS Why didn't Harry's Horcrux get destroyed? THE ANSWER: Because Harry didn't die. We learn later on in
DIE HARD THE QUESTION: How did John McClane know he was talking to Hans Gruber and not a hostage? THE ANSWER: Because Gruber was wearing a Tag Heuer w
BOY THE QUESTION: meets WORLD Did Mr. Turner survive that motorcycle crash? At the end of Cult Fiction, Shawn learns that his teacher and surrogate
loveactually THE QUESTION: Did Harry have a ? full-blown affair with Mia? Even though we see Mia wearing the necklace Harry bought her for Christmas,
THE QUESTION: AMERICAN So... who drew VANDAL the dicks? THE ANSWER: Christa Carlyle, duh. Even though the mockumentary never answered the question dir
FAMiLY GUY THE QUESTION: Why does Stewie Griffin have a British accent? In Send in Stewie, Please, the youngest Griffin child gets sent to his schoo
TITANIC THE QUESTION: Could Jack fit on that door? You think you know the answer, because you saw that MythBusters episode, but James Cameron says you
THE QUESTION: 2001: What the hell was that odyssey ending with Dr. Bowman, a space the strange room, and the floating fetus? THE ANSWER: Dr. Bowman wa
how THE QUESTION: i met. your Where did that damn mother pineapple come from? In Season 1 Episode 10, Ted wakes up after a night of drinking with a pi
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