We Found These Killer Movie & TV Jokes So You Don’t Have To

We Found These Killer Movie & TV Jokes So You Don’t Have To

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People love to complain about how movies don't try to appeal to the intelligent viewer, and that all their jokes are dumb, predictable crap written by dumb dummies. But it's not true. It's just that most of us -- and we're not pointing fingers -- aren't smart enough to notice when a film is trying to tickle our brain bone with startlingly smart references hidden in plain sight.

Things like ...

Liz Lemon's favorite cheese snacks in 30 Rock have the saddest flavor in the world. RI DOPV SABOR 30F SOLE Their name is Sabor de Soledad, or in Spa

Gravity Falls' Latin gibberish contains scathing pop culture criticism. The fake Latin incantation Dipper uses to enter Stan's mind includes the phras

Mr. Garrison's alphabet is hiding an angry message. Di0sMi0hAnMolodohokeNaYbAsToRdosfoDWgPfV2GUXcboZrQj In two South Park episodes, Chickenlover a

We Found These Killer Movie & TV Jokes So You Don’t Have To

2016's The Jungle Book took something from Saturday Night Live into the jungle. While Louie (played by Christopher Walken) sleeps, Mowgli goes through

A mythological creature in Star Trek evolved from nickname a for Gene Roddenberry. r NPD SALN' Roddenberry was nicknamed The Great Bird of the Galaxy,

STARGITE SG.1 Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter: The Stargate program just doesn't get the support it used to from the people in charge. 0 Jacek: Why not? E

Lion King's Scar shows up in a grisly way in Hercules. When Hercules poses for he's a vase painting, wearing the lion skin he's known for In classical

Zootopid continues a joke started by Frozen. In Frozen, Alan Tudyk voiced bad guy the Duke of Weselton (who demanded people stop calling him the Duke

Angus, Sherlock's phrenology bust in Elementary, is nod a to other brilliant investigators. In House, House had phrenology bust, which a one of the wr

2014's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles brings the comic's creators into the Turtles universe. The Art of Ninjutsu handbook that Splinter finds and that e

Apparently, Godzilla ravaged the world of Jurassic Park. In The Lost World: Jurassic Park, there's a shot of terrified Japanese businessmen running fr

4Your father smelled of elderberries is an insult spoken in Game of Thrones. In Season 4, the champion that Meereen sends out to challenge Dany's cha

The background graffiti in Homeland's fifth season is a metaphorical middle finger. #blacklivesmatter Homeland is racist Ct A group of Arab street art

CRACKED.COM For restaurant names, Frasier used absurd French nonsense. For example, there's Le Cigare Volant or 4The Flying Cigar... ...4Couer du S

Silicon Valley trolled its own hardcore fans. 01180110 ettereet 81181118 0110100 e016888e 01100601 ee1eeeee 11e1ee0 oettif 11e00te 100010 01111001 ee1

Rick and Morty really, really rubbed it in for Jerry in Season 3. 55 Not only does the wind whisper loser when he's around, but spineless, insecure

In Futurama, 70s retro is still in. 12B 13 STUDIO STUDIO Futurama's Studio 12 21 33, where Bender goes to dance so he can burn off the doomsday device

A Rugrats Chanukah snuck in an adult joke for anyone who knows Hebrew. RE OUT RATE The sign on this storefront says mohel. A mohel is a Jewish circu

A cartoon version of real-life Simpsons writer George Meyer gets fired on the show in Season 8, Episode 14. SEASON 8, EPISODE 14 SEASON 9FEPISODES 9 3

Jeremy Jamm's wall decor reflects his level of appreciation of Chinese culture. -HH In Parks and Rec, Jeremy Jamm's Chinese poster says North Korea

In Season 1, Episode 22 of Community, a Where are they now segment says that in 2014, Britta will own a used iPod Nano. SEASON 1, EPISODE 22 Britta

The alien UI in Guardians of the Galaxy recognizes a legendary Earth creator. GR tCIS AREL5ICM ascushzc 1H 73r 10oo MA When Rocket Raccoon him, zooms

In a 1965 Doctor Who episode, the Doctor unintentionally gives Nero the idea to burn Rome. SEASON 2, EPISODE 4 ICLASSIC) SEASON 4, EPISODE 2 Almost ha

In Season 3, Episode 11 of Breaking Bad, Jimmy (AKA Saul) tells Walt he once convinced a woman he was Kevin Costner.. BB SEASON 3, EPISODE 11 BCS SEAS

We Found These Killer Movie & TV Jokes So You Don’t Have To

We Found These Killer Movie & TV Jokes So You Don’t Have To

In one Arthur episode, the main cast calls out things about the show that don't make sense. ARTHUR ANDY AND COMPANY The cast watches Andy and Company,

The Supernatural writers put themselves into the show, then mocked themselves for it. In Supernatural, an in-universe author (whose pen name is a comb

We Found These Killer Movie & TV Jokes So You Don’t Have To

Black Mirror poked fun at people who stopped watching to read a long, dull on-screen legal document. In the episode Playtest, buried deep in a very d

Stephen King used himself as his character's punching bag. In Cat's Eye, a movie written by King, James Woods' character watches The Dead Zone (based

We Found These Killer Movie & TV Jokes So You Don’t Have To

We Found These Killer Movie & TV Jokes So You Don’t Have To

According to Family Guy, a 19th-century nutjob was right about Jesus' lineage. Stewie went to the other side and met Jesus, who is Chinese. His last

In Archer, Charlotte uses a Renaissance reference to kick Sterling when he's down. ollb After getting beaten and choked by the gigantic Zirk, Sterling

A taxi company in Zootopia is probably trying to say its drivers drive really, really safely. Thigmo-Tar's A sign for Thigmo-Taxis appears during Ju

In Supernatural, Sam insults a frisky old lady in a nicely subtle way. To help along the investigation of a rich widow's niece's death, Sam lets the w

The way Daniel becomes fluent in Egyptian in Stargate makes perfect sense only to Egyptologists. Daniel learns ancient Egyptian crazy fast, saying it'

Gravity Falls' mermaid gOeS way, way back. In the series finale, Soos holds up a mermaid that's half-fish and half-monkey. P.T. Barnum exhibited e

We Found These Killer Movie & TV Jokes So You Don’t Have To

The producer of the new Battlestar Galactica heckled himself (sort of). In a CSI episode, a dark, gritty reimagining of the fictional sci-fi series As

We Found These Killer Movie & TV Jokes So You Don’t Have To

We Found These Killer Movie & TV Jokes So You Don’t Have To

We Found These Killer Movie & TV Jokes So You Don’t Have To

When The Mentalist tried to show that a rich lady donated money in unwise ways, they went all-out. Recipient Check Deposits Balanss 1457 Jaime L Riege

The Deep Space 9 prop department had a field day with the Promenade directory. PROMENADE DIRECTORY Actiate The directory is crammed with classic sci-f

We Found These Killer Movie & TV Jokes So You Don’t Have To

In the Buffyverse, secret government assassination schools apparently teach through pop culture. Chapter 11 Assassination and Infiltration EXAMPLE I:

The people who made A Scanner Darkly left an homage to the person who came up with it. bne except fsr acainst the wal Leon CALLER 1 oOn Hawthomne onic

Alex from Modern Family knows her mother better than her mother. realizes. Alex Dunphy To: Mom Revised New Updated Version Revamp Nietzsche believed t

A Series of Unfortunate Events teases viewers who go looking for clues. GHAPTER 12 The Paltryville Fire which spoon, and 2 cigarillo. is 3 bit like 3

In a Lynchian twist, Mulholland Drive has a really meta in- -joke. The script Betty and Rita are reading for their rehearsal is actually the movie's o

In WALL-E, Buy n Large Times is probably one of the company's most ollution-causing products. I1S810 ARGE BUY N TIMte COAL TR TOO MUCH SH! FARTH COV R

Apparently, James Bond's greatest villain moonlights in a South Park hospital. EMERGENCY Schedule Doctor Cuurnexy Potocoo All Employees Coron emo must

Castle makes joke about a Nathan Fillion's Firefly role. For Halloween, Richard Castle (Fillion) dresses up in a space cowboy costume which looks just
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