17 Celebs Who Are Weirdly A Big Deal (In Other Countries)

Turns out American fans are actually subtle and restrained, comparatively speaking.
17 Celebs Who Are Weirdly A Big Deal (In Other Countries)

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Americans can get pretty fanatical, when it comes to things they like, and we tend to think of other countries as being more dignified and restrained. But as it turns out, sometimes performers that Americans think are just kinda "meh" have rabid fans in other parts of the world.

Our thanks to PollyDarton, who is appropriately popular with us, for suggesting this contest.

The most requested singer on Kenyan radio is Kenny Rogers. Henny Roars The Best Cf COWARD OF THE COUNTY WE'VE GOT TONIGHT DAYTIME FRIENDS THE GAMBLER
Nicole Kidman is So Other popular Venezuela... fillinas in co cachapa ITOSTON repa Other fillings PUNTAIN wa ni s that when she tried the native cuisi
Miranda Cosgrove is loved in Brazil iacob whitesides @JacobWhitesides i'll do everything i can to make this happen icarly Brasil @iCarly312 Replying t
Japan loves Andrew W.K.! He's had several exclusive releases, including an album of covers of Japanese pop songs, ringtones, and an album of songs fro
The English love BILL HIicks The Brits are particularly drawn to the irony in Hicks' material as well as his criticism of American culture. His stand-
Sylvester Stallone is quite famous in Russia. Grudge Match earned its highest CRAGH overseas gross there. In addition to that, Russians went to an e
Lithuanians just about worship Frank Zappa. They built him a statue in the center of their capital, Vilnius. CRACKED COM
AMERICAN SAXOPHONIST KENNY G'S COMPOSITION, GOING HOME, IS A BIG HIT IN CHINA. It is widely played daily as an anthem to let people know it's time to
There is a whole park dedicated to John Lennon in Cuba. A statue of the former Beatle was unveiled by Fidel Castro himself in the year 2000, almost fo
Cheap Trick is insanely huge in Japan, with their songs reaching the number one spoT on Japanese charts multiple times. In fact, it was thanks to Japa
Heavy metal band NAPALM DEATH has a huge following in Indonesia and are credited with sparking the country's enormous death metal scene. CHOICE Their
Jessica Simpson's film Blonde Ambition may have been a total flop in the US, but it topped the box office charts in the Ukraine and left some wonderin
Bosnians are obsessed with Hong Kong kung-fu movies, especially the ones starring Bruce Lee. There's even a life-size bronze statue of Lee in Zrinjski
CRACKED.COM Iraq has a huge crush on Lionel Richie. Journalist John Berman recounted that the Iragis he met during the war would have no problem singi
Jeff Dunham, who voices Achmed the Dead Terrorist, is huge among Arabs.. For example, he draws Muslim crowds at sold-out Abu Dhabi gigs.
In the early '9Os, Edward Furlong was a Michael Jackson-like superstar in Japan. The Terminator 2 actor's debut album was so big there, crowds chased
Kevin James is a big deal in Germany. With 8% of all German audiences watching the finale of the sitcom, The King of Queens topped the viewing charts.
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