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Americans can get pretty fanatical, when it comes to things they like, and we tend to think of other countries as being more dignified and restrained. But as it turns out, sometimes performers that Americans think are just kinda "meh" have rabid fans in other parts of the world.

Our thanks to PollyDarton, who is appropriately popular with us, for suggesting this contest.

Entry by E. J. Diaz

There is a whole park dedicated to John Lennon in Cuba. A statue of the former Beatle was unveiled by Fidel Castro himself in the year 2000, almost fo

Entry by carpdonut

Jessica Simpson's film Blonde Ambition may have been a total flop in the US, but it topped the box office charts in the Ukraine and left some wonderin

Entry by Andrea Meno

Jeff Dunham, who voices Achmed the Dead Terrorist, is huge among Arabs.. For example, he draws Muslim crowds at sold-out Abu Dhabi gigs.

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