Ridiculous Things That Stalled Famous Movies

It’s a wonder any of these movies ever got made.
Ridiculous Things That Stalled Famous Movies

Hollywood should be a well-oiled machine, by now. And it is: A well-oiled machine that's easily brought to a complete standstill by something minor and annoying. Because well-known movies are being held up by bizarre, inconsequential stuff just constantly.

Things like:

Ridiculous Things That Stalled Famous Movies
Ridiculous Things That Stalled Famous Movies
CRACKED0O RYAN GOSLING was fired from Peter Jackson's LOVELY BONES for preparing too well for the role. When Gosling turned up on set 60 pounds overwe
Filming for Apocalypse Now was delayed for a week when Marlon Brando showed up on set having not read the script, and Francis Ford Coppola recited the
Ridiculous Things That Stalled Famous Movies
Robin Williams held up the production of POPIYE for weeks because he didn't feel like Popeye in the original PINACH costuming.9g until he then the got
The DeLorean was a crap car BACY TO FUTURE It kept breaking down, and the filmmakers had to wait for it to be fixed. CRACKED COM
The Predator crew wanted a monkey to do the Predator's stunts, but it hated the red suit it had to wear. When they put it in the suit, it just climbed
The production crew for Spider-Man: Homecoming built seven copies of the LEGO Death Star... ...and had all of them broken by Jacob Batalon because he
Meetihe FocKEIS The MPAA wouldn't allow the title Meet the Fockers. Universal Studios had to carry out a search to prove there was actually a family
Ridiculous Things That Stalled Famous Movies
JD Shapiro's script for Battlefield Earth (which is a movie based on L. Ron Hubbard's book) was pretty much completed... ...until John Travolta's asso
BATMANBEGINS Filming was repeatedly disrupted by the sounds of pigeons having sex in the studio's ceiling.
A drunk Tumbler driver crashed during Batman into Alming the Begins... of POWT a it was thought he spaceship. ...because alien landing
Production on the film Clerks had to be shut down one night... 195 Hov Coces Because the cat escaped the Quick Stop. CRACKED.GOM
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