Scenes That Wrecked Entire Movies

The real question is, why didn’t we stop watching at this moment?
Scenes That Wrecked Entire Movies

When you're watching a movie, there are certain scenes that can wreck the entire thing for you. Whether it's because they're poorly executed or just plain cheesy, these scenes can leave a sour taste in your mouth and make you wish you'd never seen them. Here are some of the most cringe-worthy moments in movies.

We’re talking about the kinds of scenes in movies that, while awesome, leave the rest of the movie a bit wrecked. Whether it's a jaw-dropping action scene or a moving emotional moment, some scenes just manage to stand out from the rest and overshadow everything else. Here are some of our favorite scenes that wrecked entire movies!

The fact is, it's never enjoyable to discover that the TV or movie you're watching is terrible. And you may be able to recall the precise moment when you realized something about a well-known film or television show. Fortunately it CAN be great fun to read about it.

So keep reading below and check out the following jaw dropping examples:

CRACKED.COM In the first half hour when Owen gets miraculously saved by the T-Rex, ASC WORLD HABLEI KDOK AGAIN I knew it was going to be a movie with
MARIR REDOADED At the moment where the computer program explains absence of free will with a needlessly deep interpretation of Newton's Third Law...
I had heard good things about Cabin Fever, and I was looking forward to seeing it. UNTAT IAMS And then Rider Strong got bitten by a kid who looked lik
SUICIDE SUAD Introduction song: The House of the Rising Sun by Animals Introduction song: You Don't Own Me by Grace AUNLHARLEY Introduction song: Symp
I completely lost interest in Alien 3 when it opened with the unceremonious deaths of Newt and Hicks, two fan-favorite characters who had been through
Scenes That Wrecked Entire Movies
Scenes That Wrecked Entire Movies
JUSTICE LEAGUE CRACKED COM 00:00:10 Feb 12 2015 0 LIS 11 The movie opens with Superman being interviewed by kids for their podcast. That's when I knew
alien the went down to an After crew world with protection even no or space- helmets to filter out potentially deadly alien microbes... S going to ALI
Right about the time Eddie plopped down into a lobster- tank in a cringey comedic bit... I knew I was pretty much through with ENOM
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull opens with the Paramount logo fading into a gopher mound. Paramount A Viacom Company A stark contra
Harly Dotter AND The GOBLET :OF FIRE The Quidditch World Cup scene (or lack thereof, they didn't show any of the match) is at confirmed to me that the
The moment Rainn Wilson's character in JUNO said this: RUPGS POL PHARMAC THIS IS ONE DOODLE THAT CAN'T BE UNDID HOME SKILLET I knew I was in for ninet
After Aquaman's and Wonder Woman's scenes, I was about to believe that maybe Justice League wouldn't suck... Steppenwolf's horrible CGI proved to me t
In Batman Returns Selina Kyle is pushed out of a window and falls to her death, where cats nibble on her and this somehow resurrects her and gives her
After the scene where Papa Kent debates the merits of letting a bunch of kids drown... I knew Man of Steel would ruin the Superman franchise. GRAGKEDC
The Bond movie Quantum of Solace begins with a car chase that's so fast and shakily- filmed that it's barely comprehensible. That's when I knew (to my
OOMERS TRANSFIR AGE OF E.XTINCTION Seetion CODE ANN. 22.011: $22.011: tat:fD) aMirmative ROMEO the Texas vietim defense & Statutes Chapter and JULIET
In The Last Jedi, I knew from the very first scene that it wasn't going to be the movie I was hoping for ... When Poe Dameron goes full Jerky Boys on
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