13 Annoying Ways Movies Keep Getting Science Wrong

13 Annoying Ways Movies Keep Getting Science Wrong

Science is represented by the letter "Sci" in sci-fi. You'd assume that sci-fi shows and movies would be filled with scientific correctness as a result. They're significantly heavier on fiction, as it turns out. The same can be said for nearly every genre of film. We're surrounded by TV and movies that have incorrect scientific information.

A high-octane science fiction film could be extremely enjoyable. Just keep in mind that the "fiction" component of the terminology is there for a reason. Sci-fi is a famous cinema genre that explores the technological and space frontiers of humankind's imagination. Directors and producers had no choice other than to violate the rules of reality a little bit in order to achieve this.

Films about science fiction, superheroes, and action all seem to be enjoyable. They occasionally deviate from science, which is fine, but only to a point. They're every bit as terrible as these wildly inaccurate films.

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