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Like The Voynich Manuscript or the Mary Celeste, there are a lot of mysteries out there that continue to baffle the masses. To be clear, this isn't that. The myths found below are perpetuated by people who simply refuse to do a quick Google search.

For example ...

Entry by Joyce Rogers

HE BLOOP was a tremendously loud, ultra-ttino from sound deep within the South Pacific, detected in 1997 by undersea sensors 3.000 miles apart. While

Entry by PookieJones

No one really knows what happened to the Mayan civilization. Except for the scientists at Arizona State and Columbia University. Due to rapid deforest

Entry by Scott Laffey

Some claimed hieroglyphs found on the temple of Seti I showed ancient depictions of helicopters, subs, and jets. HH Blogger Hypnogogial discovered the

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