17 'Unsolved' Mysteries (That Have Been Thoroughly Solved)

THERE D liny har

Like The Voynich Manuscript or the Mary Celeste, there are a lot of mysteries out there that continue to baffle the masses. Or like that show with Robert Stack, you know the one where he was all solemn, intoning about Easter Island and the aliens that might have built it because how else? Yep, those were some unsolved mysteries to be sure, so opaque the show was on for 75 years and so mysterious that Robert Stack didn't age a day. Head-scratchers the world over burrowed deep through their craniums to touch the top of their brains over all the intrigue that good old Robert Stack slung.

To be clear, this isn't that. The myths found below are perpetuated by people who simply refuse to do a quick Google search. We are here for such yo-yos. We are always here for such yo-yos. Because we were once such yo-yos. 

For example ...

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