24 Startlingly Dark Secrets About The Disney Company

24 Startlingly Dark Secrets About The Disney Company

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Disney likes to pretend it's all cute rodents, wholesome superheroes, happy princesses, and family-friendly amusements parks. But underneath that veneer of fun and joy exists something darker. Or that was our theory, so we asked our readers to do some digging.

Here's what they dug up:

Entry by PParker

Disney once planned to sell Ratatouille-themed wine. It didn't end well. CHARDONNAY BOURCOCNE RATATOUILLE The plans were cancelled at the last minute

Entry by BRWombat

For rmer U.S. President RICHARD NIXON'S most famous speech, containing the line I AM NOT A CROOK THE UNITED RESIENT SAL happened at WALT DISNEY WORL


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