21 Movies & Shows Butchered By Censors


Early 1980s serial movies and splatter pictures replete with  assault, graphic images of murder, and buckets of Caro syrup which, for just a brief while in Thatcher-era Britain, were deemed the foundation of all evil was, and dubbed (weirdly) "video nasties." 

For years, regulators in the United Kingdom deemed some of modern pop cultures most severe instances, whether domestic or imported, to be cinema non grata. Once videotapes were introduced, unfortunately, a lot of horror films deemed too graphic for the general audience worked their way into people's VCRs. Still, you could suddenly watch eyeballs being scratched out and intestines being ripped from victims repeatedly.

Editing is such a complex and essential art form that it has its Academy Award. Unfortunately, those same talents are being used to edit, butcher, and otherwise retool entertainment to the point that it is completely unrecognizable. For a variety of causes.

rs1, who only uses his blackbelt editing talents for good, suggested this tournament.

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Chinese government censors were very heavy-handed when editing Skyfall. One scene where a French hitman kills a Chinese security guard was completely

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The Arabic version of The Simpsons was almost a completely different show. VvU Ma Drnt CACT PId 277 The beer-swilling, bacon-loving lout that is Homer
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