18 Ways Technology Has Changed In A Short Time

All of the gadgets we rely on were incredibly different, incredibly recently.
18 Ways Technology Has Changed In A Short Time

It seems like television has been around forever but it is less than 100 years old. Less than 30 years ago, only 1% of the world used the Internet. Less than 20 years ago, a TV was heavy enough to kill a bear. Within less than a decade, users of smart phones rose by 79%. 

If you wanted to use a synthesizer to make cool tunes, you'd have to spend nearly $2,000 a little over 30 years ago. Nowadays, you can buy software with the same audio quality for $15.

It's amazing to see how quickly some technology advances within such a short lifespan. If there is any positives to capitalism, it's that it forces people to continually improve technology and make it faster, smarter, quicker, easier, smaller, lighter, and all the other -ers in order to get rich. Here are pieces of technology that got better with age within a very short amount of time.

CRAO The first commercially available digital camera could take 32 photos in grayscale at 320x240 resolution. THAT'S THIS A BIG. Dycam Model 1 $995 in
The prevalence of smartphones CRACKED.com in the U.S. skyrocketed in the past decade. Between 2005 and 2016, the number of smartphone owners went from
Back in the 1950s, computational technology relied on individual transistors the size of a cornflake. Now, this tiny Intel Core i7 septa-core processo
The earliest CERN network routers in the 1980s were limited by a 2.4 GHZ irequency band and speeds of 2 Mbit/s. EMT Today, you can buy a 5 a GHz Wifi
The Mad Men-era washing machine-size IBM 2311 Disk Drive held 7MB. IBM That's about two songs in mp3 format. The $5.99 SanDisk Flash Cruzer Drive hold
A prosthetic leg used to help an amputee perform basic activities. In 2016 paralympic long jump champion Markus Rehm was not permitted to compete at t
This is the SLA-1 (arguably) the first 3-D Printer built in 1987 These are 3-D printed human embryonic stem-cells, 2013
The first DNA tests in the 1970s required a large blood sample and were only 80% accurate. 23andMe Aa Welcome to you Moanir as Aien Ch Se Wet Aie Toda
OM In 1995, an advanced computer defeated a world chess champion for the first time. And in 2005, a human defeated an advanced computer for the last t
18 Ways Technology Has Changed In A Short Time
Less than 1% oi THE ITENET of the world beng population used internet in 1995. Today more than 50% are active users and according to a United Nations
1962/ Lung 1 963 Liver First human organ Kidney transplant from deceased donor. 2018 First successful penis and scrotum transplant. CRACKED com
In 2001, a 40 Sony TV weighed 286.6lbs and Fh was 26 inches deep. Today, a 40  Sony TV weighs just 17.1 lbs and is only 2.8 inches deep.
CRACKED.COM 1996 saw the release of Pokemon Red. PKeMN TH Red Version '95.'96. 98 GAHE FREAK inc. edoz In 2018 you can emulate it, along with the cons
In 1979, The Beast broke world records for the fastest roller coaster, propelling guests at 65 mph. Today's fastest coaster, Formula Rossa, makes that
18 Ways Technology Has Changed In A Short Time
1988: Korg MI HTIMD Synthesizer Workstation $1999 M1 4R 2018: Korg M1 Synthesizer Workstation App for Ipad $14.99 COuAL GLOLAL COMBLMODE FOLTIPLEINSTO
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