19 Widely-Despised Celebrities That Are Oddly Inspirational

Turns out there’s something to like about even the most unlikable celebrities.
19 Widely-Despised Celebrities That Are Oddly Inspirational

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A lot of celebrities have a bad reputation, and often deservedly so. But sometimes, like the dot of yang in the tadpole of yin, there's also something noble and inspiring about them. We gave our readers a safe space to admit which unpopular, widely-despised, and mocked celebrities they secretly admire.

Here's what you told us:

In 2006, Mel Gibson was justifiably criticized for going on an anti-Semitic rant while drunk. Gibson could have remained ignorant like his father, who
Jgo Siwa Jojo has been in the public arena since she was only 10 years old, and has faced tons of harassment the entire time. I think it's great that
PewDiePie is widely criticized for his off-brand humor and racist controversies. But his effort in reviewing classic literature to encourage his fans
George Lucas is universally hated for ruining Star Wars with the much-criticised prequels. But it's actually inspiring how he refused to join his fath
shia Labeouf gets a lot of s-t for starring in the Transformers movies and for being kind of a jerk but his honesty about the movies he's been in is p
For years Robert Pattinson has been vilified just for playing the brooding vampire, Edward, in the Twilight series. Instead of complaining about all t
I legitimately respect Amanda Bynes. A few years back when she becametabloid fodder, she had every excuse TO sink to their level. Instead, she took ti
CRACKEDC COM CARROT TOP Carrot Top has been ridiculed for years because he's a prop comic with crazy hair, and later because he got really into bodybu
Despite being known as a dorky A-list actor with a brutal criminal record from his time as a gang member... Mark Wahlberg's present-day devotion to re
19 Widely-Despised Celebrities That Are Oddly Inspirational
CRACKED COM appy Gilmore ADAM SANDLER may be notorious for his bad comedies, but his start as a nobody who worked his way up to super-stardom shows th
On March 10, 2004, CRACKED COM Martha Stewart, the international icon of fhomemaking brands, was convicted on federal obstruction charges and sentence
Paul Reubens a.k.a. Pee-wee Herman was arrested for public indecency at an adult movie theater in 1991. He was disgraced and left the public eye, SARA
CRACKEDCON Miley cyrus is widely disoiked odd antics... for her goobut I find her openness regarding her sexuality and her support of the LGBT communi
Internationally chastised since he was a child due to his music, Justin Bieber stumbled for a while and generated some controversy. Despite all this,
Kim Kardashian is usually described as what's wrong with Don't the Hate America, but I Player admire her business skills her drive and her ability to
Nickelback is widely mocked and ridiculed but they continue to rock on and sell millions of albums! That's inspiring. Also, their music video for Som
CRACKED COM Nicole 'snooki LaValle is just one of those obnoxious reality-TV stars who's just famous for being famous, right? Well... yeah. But what
Arnold Schwarzenegger's controversial governorship, personal scandals, and strange accent have made him a constant punchline. But the fact that he wen
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