12 Movie/TV Moments That Were Off The Cuff

Turns out these famous scenes just ... happened.
12 Movie/TV Moments That Were Off The Cuff

An incredible amount of work goes on behind the scenes in movies and TV shows to create optimally memorable moments. There's a small army of people making sure that every detail is carefully planned and executed. But every now and then, all of that gets thrown out the window, and somebody literally pulls an iconic movie or TV scene out of thin air.

That's acting, we guess? Separating the truly gifted from those just reading the lines some coked-up writer scribbled for them are the actors who thumb their own coke-stained noses to the script and create indelible moments from seemingly nothing. It's the stuff of genius, and restores our faith in the profession, which can be pretty insufferable, honestly. These folks aren't just pretty faces or moderately-interesting faces that have some other quality that makes us want to watch them.

This is a salute to those on-the-fly geniuses who defied the rules of showbiz and just made stuff up.

Leonardo Dicaprio made a scene in Django Unchained even more tense by accidentally cutting his hand. After doing several takes of Calvin Candie's raci
12 Movie/TV Moments That Were Off The Cuff
BOB became a character on Twin Peaks by accident. Frank silva was working as the set dresser on the pilot episode when his image got caught on camera.
An ad lib from Robert Downey Jr. inspired the post-credits scene in Marvel's The Avengers. After the downtown battle, Tony Stark says, Have you ever
A real computer error led to a brilliant joke by Chris Pratt. In the Parks and Recreation episode Flu Season, Leslie is rushed to the doctor. As she
A spontaneous dance caught on camera gave Mulder and Scully fans the romantic moment they wanted. While filming The Post-Modern Prometheus, The X-Fi
A mistake by David Schwimmer gave the Friends writers the perfect idea for a cliffhanger. During rehearsals for another scene in the Season 4 finale
Joe Pesci's most famous Goodfellas scene was based on a story he told about being a waiter when he was a kid. While Pesci was on the set of Goodfellas
Francis Ford Coppola randomly gave Marlon Brando a stray cat while filming The Godfather. Coppola wanted to test out the legendary actor's skills, SO
12 Movie/TV Moments That Were Off The Cuff
A scared baby ended up making one of Breaking Bad's final episodes even more heartbreaking. Director Rian Johnson never intended to have Walt's daught
Ben Stein improvised the boring economics lecture in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. fisc lrcysf mor Cy pol fects Stein, a real-life economist, was brought
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