Everyone talks about losing site of the message of Christmas, but what about Halloween? These days it seems like it's just an excuse to dress up in goofy costumes, while kids go door to door and eat candy. What ever happened to the holiday we used to celebrate, when dangerous lunatics and functional alcoholics would come together to scare the living shit out of people of all ages? We asked you to take us back to the roots of this sacred holiday. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

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Next week's contest is If Sex Education Was Actually Useful.

It didn't take most of us long to realize the sex education we got in school was woefully inadequate. Looking back, what do you wish they had told you about relationships with the opposite sex? Photoshop for us the useful, realistic sex ed books/manuals/posters etc that you wish the younger version of yourself had access to. Best entry gets $50.

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