If History's Greatest Minds Lived in the Modern World


Whether pining for the Dark Ages while applying thick black eyeliner or shooting Nazis from the comfort of a couch, everyone has fantasized about living in another era. But we rarely stop to wonder how history's greatest figures would translate in our modern age. How would the great minds of the past adjust to the internet, or today's political climate, or current pop culture, or any other aspect of life in 2009?

We asked you to show us using photoshop. The winner is below, but first the runners up.

Entry by Rinato

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Entry by TwEaKeDT

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Entry by circle


Entry by jojomanzo


Ever wonder about the poor guys who had to replace all the glass in the GoldenEye levels? Or the unnamed creatures who hid their gold inside the bricks in the Mario universe, only to find it missing later? Photoshop for us the unseen victims in the video games universe. Post it in the forums. The best entry will get $50.

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