27 Classes We Wish They Forced People to Take in School

These classes should be mandatory for anyone wanting to be a responsible member of society.
27 Classes We Wish They Forced People to Take in School

A couple tears ago, we asked you to show us some classes up and coming contributing citizens to society would greatly benefit from.

We had so much fun with it, we asked you to do it again and gave cold, hard e-cash to the winner ...

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CRACKEDco Engaging Others: A Basic Primer A 4-Month Study. Classes include: Month 1: Why it's fine that your friend likes Two and a Half Men while dis
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27 Classes We Wish They Forced People to Take in School
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27 Classes We Wish They Forced People to Take in School
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27 Classes We Wish They Forced People to Take in School
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27 Classes We Wish They Forced People to Take in School
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