20 Drunk Texts from Famous Video Game Characters


We all like to cut loose every now and again. And sometimes, we make that bad decision to start texting people during these times. It turns out that video game characters have the same tendencies. We asked our readers to show us what happens when maybe these characters should've picked either the bottle or the phone -- but not both. Winner got $100 ...

Entry by stroduces

15:16 E Seriously? You couldn't even spare one Phoenix Down? 11:38 Oh hey, what? 11:42 Don't pretend! I know you saw Sephiroth stab me! 11:44 11:50 As

Entry by quxeot

mi-- Comstck 3G 7:12 PM Messages Booker DeWitt Edit By Jove Elizabeth! The technology in Columbia is So advanced! I can wire you an instant telegraph

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