We all like to cut loose every now and again. And sometimes, we make that bad decision to start texting people during these times. It turns out that video game characters have the same tendencies. We asked our readers to show us what happens when maybe these characters should've picked either the bottle or the phone -- but not both. Winner got $100 ...

Entry by Aeracryon

20 Drunk Texts from Famous Video Game Characters

Entry by MrPuggles

mull-- BI_Mesa 3G 11:33 AM Messages Dr. Kleiner Edit Hey I just got off the phone with the administrator and they said that there's a 10% chance of a

Entry by BEMaven

m_. Verizon 3G 1:13 AM Messages Sam Fisher Edit Where the hell are u? Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. Where are u? Tom Clancy's Splinter

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