20 Drunk Texts from Famous Video Game Characters

It turns out that video game characters are prone to the same terrible decisions we are.
20 Drunk Texts from Famous Video Game Characters

We all like to cut loose every now and again. And sometimes, we make that bad decision to start texting people during these times. It turns out that video game characters have the same tendencies. We asked our readers to show us what happens when maybe these characters should've picked either the bottle or the phone -- but not both. Winner got $100 ...

SpriN64 3G 0:07 AM Sprin64 3G 0:07 AM Messages Guard Edit Messages Guard Edit Yeah. I you're Watcha doin'... guess right; I probably just Just back im
3G 5:30 PM ml. Mushk Messages Luigi Edit Now that I'm a hero, I think I can aim higher than a plumber. I'm gonna be a doctor! I start tomorrow! What?
20 Drunk Texts from Famous Video Game Characters
Messages Professor Oak Edit Hey Professor, I saw this strange thing the other day. The Pokedex couldn't identify it, what do you think it is? 000000 i
5 15:16 E The hell? You have me suspended in midair again, in a structure made of glass and wood. 4:35 I thought maybe this time... 4:36 They have bir
PACCOM 3G 11:19 AM Messages PAC-MAN (MS) Edit Wocka-wocka? No. Leave me alone. Wocka-wocka-wocka? Have you been at the pills again? Wocka-Wocka-WOCKA-
at AC&C 3G Messages 8:14 AM Archer new angry #2 birds yo! Edit ou need to and pay stop we're attention gaming shit on high bitch alert TEmember and fa
mI_ NEST 3G 8:00 AM Messages Seal06 Edit Things were messy, but Vasquez got us out of Al-Asad's mostly alive. Excellent. See you soon. Check out this
mI_ NTHRRLM 3G 9:12 AM Messages Scorpion Edit Was ripping off my head and spine really necessary yesterday? This coming from the guy who uppcutted me
TRISTRM 3G 8:13 PM Messages Deckard Cain Edit Holy Bael, I see the Butcher. S+AY A WHILE. AND LISTEN. He's the size of a Winnebago and keeps calling m
CRACKEDGO COM 32 unsc unsc Sending HELPI! OK. a warthog unSc unsc 32 F a You're a Dick
mull-- BI_Mesa 3G 11:33 AM Messages Dr. Kleiner Edit Hey I just got off the phone with the administrator and they said that there's a 10% chance of a
15:16 E Seriously? You couldn't even spare one Phoenix Down? 11:38 Oh hey, what? 11:42 Don't pretend! I know you saw Sephiroth stab me! 11:44 11:50 As
bIl 3:38 PM 76% Messages Johnny Cage Edit Sonya babe. thinkin bout u! altuir Send
m_. Verizon 3G 1:13 AM Messages Sam Fisher Edit Where the hell are u? Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. Where are u? Tom Clancy's Splinter
mi-- Comstck 3G 7:12 PM Messages Booker DeWitt Edit By Jove Elizabeth! The technology in Columbia is So advanced! I can wire you an instant telegraph
20 Drunk Texts from Famous Video Game Characters
20 Drunk Texts from Famous Video Game Characters
20 Drunk Texts from Famous Video Game Characters

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