How many times have you wished for something only to have some horrible misinterpretation of that wish granted in some horrible way? If you're Jim Carrey, or the star of a coming-of-age comedy, this happens to you all the time.

We asked you guys to play genie with Photoshop. The winner is below, but first the runners-up.

Entry by Tuas

Entry by Demmagog

SIXTY DEAD Tour bus breaks down outside area man's house during birthday celebration, veers off road etis tirns Dlasasl a Ssllin Ne E OPERMODETAS L UA

Entry by Tupper


Entry by jerewhit


Entry by Necbromancer

SPLIFF'S Headies Approved Marlluana fD Clgarettos $60.99 CRACKED COM

Entry by Iniquity

$19.95 TM Real Boy Doll u Love Blow CRACKED.cOM

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