22 Kickstarter Campaigns From Throughout History


Whether genuinely great or laughably awful, Kickstarter has provided funding for many an aspiring inventors' dreams. With that in mind, we asked our readers to show us how this idea would've impacted our ancestors' simple-minded life goals. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by johnli27

CRACKEDOON ATTN MAYANS: Need Funding for Calendar by: Dah 'Ag Txhaun Home Updates D Backers Comments Cuello Time stuff Funded! This prolect successful

Entry by CF3000

Ford 1906 Model O prototype GRAGKED.OON Henry Ford. Detroit, Michigan 00 message PROECT HotNE UODATIE 7 BACOERE COUMENTS 2 BACKERS $150 PLEDGED 150

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