If Holiday Cards Were Allowed to Kick Ass


Once a year, the entire world is treated to a holiday card overload. Naturally, most of these cards are underwhelming -- what with the nice family photo or cute children dressed as elves or a Santa cat plotting to kill its owner. We asked our readers to show us what some holiday cards would look like from folks who needed custom pants to fit their over-sized jingle bells. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by Perusse

CRACKED COM This year lets put the Christ back in Oh Christ! They are all DEAD!

Entry by MBiggenson

Season's Greetings! WOW... THANKS ASSHOLE! WE JUST GOT HIM BANG! TO SLEEP.. MASH!I Christmas Rule # Banging on Drum Like a Snare A Moron Isn't Really

Entry by j21


Entry by drudru

doeds Corpus. Ex vance for Christ Parte Merryman frisk abuses dscriminatory pollcing? RALLY for NYPD MEPIDEMMAS ACCOUNTABILITY & COMMUNITY SAFET IT'S

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