Occasionally a product will decide to expand its reach to a new demographic. This is where you get stuff like NASCAR wine, and Play-Doh scented perfume. We asked you to show us the baffling ways companies might re-contextualize famous products next. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by vaibanez17

Remember growing up in the Depressiono and the only pair of jeans you had were the two sizes too big handeme-downs from your older brother? We doe CRA

Entry by roguematt

CRACKED.COM Barbecue? Oh baby! Grrbrr Grrbrr Grrbrr Grrbrr Strip St. Louis Sirloin Grrbrr Side Ribs Angus focegoe Burger SI M GRRBRR

Entry by j21

Craigs List Fine producls from around the globe, recommended by a man of impeocable lasles Daniel Craig *Products availlable for sale may be user-lis

Entry by junkpunch

Now the only reason for the ladies room IS to powder your nose. Depend GRACKEDCOM

Entry by Dude902

15 Famous Products Advertised to People Who Never Buy Them

Entry by HaywireLiar

hree-Martini Lunch + One Coffee Run. Now that's Synergy. o0 FOUR LOKO Streamline Success

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