Even great ideas can't overcome the the harsh realities of physics. If you've ever tried to eat a Doritos Locos Taco without staining the front of your shirt, you've learned this the hard way. Whether it's music or movie trailers, mash-ups tend to work better in the digital realm. We asked you to take that lesson to it's logical conclusion, and mash up entire websites. The winner is below, but first the runners up...


CRACKEDO Man Abon Donate Banking Bockea Prenss Chat Sioporters Welcome to Leaks. The site where you can find the original (unphotoshopped) pictures le

Entry by Tim Babb

Yomegle Cleverbot Fuck with strangers! Cleverbot is now chatting with an unsuspecting stranger. Watch the fun! Stranger: hi Cleverbot: how are you? St

Entry by Tim Babb

CRACKED.OOM trone Tube Batman gambit Brose Moves Upload Batman Gambit . Star Trek Batman Gambit Die Hard Batman Gambit - Bourne Supremacy HO Batman Ga

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