22 Inevitable Features of Future Gaming Systems


Now that E3 is behind us, we can stop focusing on the mistakes the gaming industry is actually making, and get back to dreaming about all the weird stuff we hope and fear they'll announce each year. We asked you to show us the the stuff we secretly suspect the gaming industry has in the works using the magic of image manipulation. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

CRACKEDOON Doritos. Controller Loco The Only Controller Coverd in Nacho Cheese Powder Right Out of the Box! Also Avaliable in DORITOS Cool RaNCH XBOX

CRAGKEIDO .CON Stealth Mode Activated Holographic Homework Decoy Activated

Entry by Tim Babb

22 Inevitable Features of Future Gaming Systems

Entry by Kanklefest

CRACKEDCO 2 7 Mister Spoodles P1 38% XXXDETHOXV

Entry by dspy2


Entry by Timo Laine

Wiieye Wii U eye immerses you into the games you love like never before by injecting them directly into your eyeballs. It's the way Wii play It's the

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